Britain’s Got Talent in the line of fire now.

A few months ago I wrote about the controversy of the new Kingsmill Fruit and Fibre loaf.. and the teenage girl who is desperately trying to evade her father before school as she has her skirt rolled up in a bundle which totally eliminates her waistline.. My god did it bring back school memories, when we used to do that..

Asanda Jezile

Well it seems now that Twitter was up in arms, yet again, about that little girl singing a Rihanna song. according to the Metro newspaper.  Now what they were complaining about was this.. that her choice of song ‘sexualised’ her performance.

Am I missing something here?…

When I heard that little girl sing, I thought to myself, ‘WOW what a voice, she will go far.’  Even Alesha Dixon, said, ‘Oh My God’ when she started singing. Not once during her performance did I see anything that left me with the impression of her performance being ‘sexualised’.  Not once did I think in that manner at all.  All I saw was an 11 year old little girl, with a voice that blew your socks off.

Of course their gripe, is the antics of Rihanna and how she is not a role model for children.. Well let us analyse that.. do children print in their magazines and newspapers the antics of Rihanna?… NOPE.  It is adults that print the photos that show what Rihanna is up to and they do it for a profit.   And do you know what.. if those adults stopped printing those pictures …..and only printed pictures that were  deemed suitable  by the ‘let’s complain about everything’ brigade.. then perhaps Rihanna and others like her would realise that doing things that push the boundaries doesn’t get them in the news.

Sometimes I really have to wonder what goes through a person’s mind if everything innocent thing they see is deemed as ‘sexualised’ in one form or another.

Just like the people who see a photo of a little girl, dressed up in adult clothes after raiding their make-up bag and immediately jump to the conclusion that the photo was created for pornographic pleasure.  What I see is a little girl who has done what millions of other little girls have done… got mum’s best blouse on and smeared lipstick over their face and had an attack of the blue eye shadow syndrome.  I see a little girl who is enjoying herself and the snap was probably taken, purely as a memento snap, you know the ones where you later in life try to embarrass your kids. Nobody knows the full story about that photo, and for all we know it could have been other children that dressed her up and made her face up with make-up.. It makes me want to scream ‘FFS it is an innocent photo – get over it – it is what little girl’s do.. they want to be mummy and they want to play dress-up.’

I really do have to ask myself, whether those who gawp over photos like that and see them as nothing but lewd lurid photos of a sexual nature, are the type of people whose minds we really should be looking into.

And as for Rihanna’s music and Beyonce’s music they are played all the time on the radio, you hear their songs in supermarkets… and they appear on videos and Chat Shows.

Even Pepsi are advertising their coke whilst Beyonce struts her stuff..

Kids are going to want to learn to dance like Beyonce, they are going to want to be her and they also like the tunes of Rihanna… fads and fashions are part of growing up.. it is part of what we become.  My god I can recall the days of Noddy Holder style trousers with turn-ups.  Days of thinking you were the bees knees wearing your hot pants and white knee high boots, (if you were lucky to own the boots, if not you wore plastic leather looking knee high socks with your white heeled shoes, that you got from around the market).  Once that fad finished you then moved swiftly onto two-tone suits and tonic.. and so on.. with each stage turning your parent’s hair even greyer.

And Asanda Jezile… you were brilliant.. hope you get into the next round.


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