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polling stationYes those elections are nearly upon us.. and it is time for the voters to go and place their X in the relevant box as to who they want to sit on the Local Elections.  These elections gauge the way the public feel and give those in power either a bad night’s sleep or makes their day by them thinking that they could be the next party in power.

And already the political smearing has begun, with the Tories, especially Kenneth Clarke saying that the vast majority of people who intend to vote UKIP are ‘fruitcakes’ .  The Express reports exactly what Kenneth Clarke thinks of UKIP’s voters:

Pressed on allegations emerging about some can­didates’ right-wing backgrounds, pro-Europe Cabinet veteran Mr Clarke, who is minister without portfolio, said: “Fringe Right parties do tend to collect a number of waifs and strays.

“No doubt most of the Ukip people are perfectly nice when they’re having a drink but I wouldn’t send most of them to the county council.”

Asked about David Cameron’s description of Ukip in 2006 as a party full of “fruitcakes and closet racists”, he told Sky News: “ I’ve met people who satisfy both those descriptions in Ukip, indeed some of the people who assure me they are going to vote Ukip I would put in that category.”

Have you thought Mr Clarke, the reason why voters are turning to the likes of UKIP, is because they are bloody fed up with millionaires reaping from Government Policies whilst those that are struggling to make ends meet, have to endure further hardship due to the Tory policies that your Government has put in place.  We have had years under Labour, only to find that their promises of no more boom and bust were just promises like pie crusts, meant to be broken. And to be perfectly honest, Ed Miliband to me does not have the makings of a good leader… He might be a nice all round family guy, but he seems to be one step behind everything… no matter how much we complain about Tony Blair when he stood for leader of the Labour party and won, he was charismatic, he did hold your attention, and he seemed like a breath of fresh air at the time with his New Britain.. something this country needed after years of Tory rule.

So why are the voters turning against the main parties and looking more at the likes of UKIP?  Could it be their policies are something that the public like..


Yes we can remember the plans to share a friggin battle-ship with the French.. No offence to the French but how can two countries share a bloody battle-ship?  We have w?asted millions on what type of aircraft should be on that battleship.  Soldiers are fighting for their country so we are told and many have lost their lives, and many, many more have been injured, lost limbs, and had their lives totally torn apart, and not just by an IED, but also by the Government that is supposed to protect them.   They are faced with redundancies and poor care should they be injured.

So what does UKIP offer:

1. Disband the Ministry of Defence in order to reform it as a streamlined ministry. Rebuild the defence procurement function, with direct involvement of shadow Defence Ministers to encourage long-term decision-making.

2. Protect or restore key items such as armour and maritime patrol. Ensure sufficient infantry, airborne and commando units are maintained to feed the Special Forces.

3. Extend and develop reserve capabilities across all arms. The Territorial Army will offer places for those who do not wish to be deployed overseas, as well as those who do. An air national guard will be established.

4. Retain two aircraft carriers and increase the number of major surface combat vessels, allowing the Royal Navy to fulfil a global role defending British interests.

5. Urgently start a technical review of the Trident replacement, including the option of a new advanced stealthy cruise-type missile that can be delivered by land, sea or air.

6. Extend, and honour, the military covenant to protect those injured in service, providing life-long access to support, be it medical, financial or otherwise.

Well to see that we will once again have a full fighting Royal Navy is music to our ears. After all we are an island aren’t we and we do need to protect ourselves, don’t we?  And we do need troops to fight these battles don’t we?  In order to protect us we do need to have our armed forces in pristine condition with enough troops and equipment so that they can fill their role in defending our country. They need the resources in order to keep us safe and in order for us to be once again a nation that has the one of the best forces ever… a unit that has the armour, the men and the resources should they ever need to go into battle.


Yep UKIP wants to shake that up as well.. again, what these people in power don’t understand is this.. the normal British man on the street, doesn’t want the likes of Abu Qatada in our country.  He is deemed to be a friggin internal terrorist for christ’s sake. He should be facing a court for his alleged crimes.. and no that doesn’t mean having a trial in Britain where the taxpayer has to pay for it.. We spend millions on  this guy, when to be perfectly honest, most Brits just want him shoved on a plane and sent to Jordan..

The average British man, is fed up with having to keep illegal immigrants here and not being able to deport them because they have a cat.. or some other trivial reason.   So what Policies does UKIP offer, here are those policies that will probably become vote winners.

1. UKIP calls for an end to the age of mass, uncontrolled immigration.  Since 1997 immigration has added almost four million new people to the British population; this figure does not include illegal immigrants, the exact number of which is unknown but is probably at least one million and possibly much higher.

2. Britain is very densely populated. England, where the majority of people live, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world: more densely populated than China, India and Japan. We simply cannot sustain the level of immigration that adds another one million people to the population every four to five years. This puts an intolerable burden on our infrastructure and public services.

3. UKIP would introduce a five year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement (with some exceptions) until we regain control of our borders, put in effective immigration controls, and deal with the issue of illegal immigrants. Overstaying a visa would become a criminal offence.

4. Any future immigration for permanent settlement must be on a strictly limited and controlled basis where that can clearly be shown to benefit the British people as a whole and our economy. Immigrants would not be able to apply for public housing or benefits until they had paid tax for five years.

5. Meanwhile UKIP would enable people to come and work in the UK by means of a points based work permit system for limited periods of time and to fulfil specific gaps in the job market that cannot be filled by the existing work force.

6. Measures would be taken to identify illegal immigrants and remove them to their country of origin. Exceptions may be made in limited circumstances, but there would be no general amnesty for illegal migrants.

7. EU citizens who have been established in the UK for seven years or more will, depending on their circumstances, be able to apply for permanent leave to remain (provided they fulfil certain criteria and are eligible to apply for work permits).

8. UKIP would withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Convention on Refugees. This would enable us to deport foreign criminal and terrorist suspects where desirable.  UKIP would allow genuine asylum applications in accordance with our international obligations.

Now what was it the Lib-Dems wanted to do at the last election? Oh yes an amnesty on illegal immigrants… in hope that they would hand themselves in, and become a taxpayer.. as if.  Which now old Nicki boy is having to backtrack from because he’s realised this was a vote loser.


Have you been to your local hospital lately?  Nurses don’t have time to care for patients because they are too busy filling in paperwork and in some cases ordering supplies..

Janet Davies from the Royal College of Nursing said:

 “Ordering supplies and ordering food is a terrible waste of a nurse’s salary and nursing skills when actually you could have an admin assistant doing that routine work.”

We have all been sitting there waiting well beyond our appointment time, just to see people walking up and down the corridors with bits of paper in their hand.  We have seen the massive salaries that the health executives are receiving and we have seen resources cut on a daily basis by our local NHS services.

If you have cancer or suffering a life-threatening disease you want to be seen pronto, you don’t want to die and you have the most horrendous feeling of being alone… We need our health service to bring quality nursing back to our wards… we need to see patients being treated with dignity.. and not lying there in squalor or buzzing frantically for a bedpan only to have to wait and then get told off because they couldn’t hold their bladder or bowels any longer.  We don’t want to read about patients dying because they wanted a drink.  So what is UKIP offering on this:

1. Direct the majority of health care spending to elected County Health Boards, making spending decisions directly accountable to the public locally.

2. Dramatically cut the Department of Health and bring in professional procurement skills to reduce the huge amounts of money wasted in procurement and resource allocation.

3. Prioritise UK taxpayers and citizens, ending health tourism by requiring all those without entitlement to pay in advance.

4. Restore traditional nursing, especially the non-university-trained State Enrolled Nurses or equivalent.

5. Engender a Universal Duty of Care to ensure that everyone is responsible for reporting inadequate care and driving up standards.

Those are just three of the main topics that concern us voters, defence, immigration and health.  And from what I have read with regards to what they want to implement, I like.

Will I be voting UKIP?  I don’t know to be perfectly honest.. And do I find their policies racist? Not really, in fact I find that those three categories of policies, as policies determined to grab this country by it’s ***** and give it a bloody good shake-up.  I see it as policies that affect the vast majority of people in this country.. I see it as policies that don’t have the millionaires at heart but have the welfare of the man that gets up and goes to work every day for a pittance.  I see these as policies that might just get this country back on its feet. It might just see a Great Britain that we can pride ourselves in…

So for all you main three parties, Labour, Liberal and Tories, these are the policies that most people want to see, we don’t want to see bankers ****ing up the financial markets and then go onto receive nice juicy payouts and bonuses.  We don’t want to see millionaires get another tax-break.  And we don’t want to the likes of Iain (I can live on £53 a week) Dopey Sod (as aptly named by a reader of this blog) telling people that they are scroungers if they have to be on benefits and telling pensioners who this government deem as wealthy that the right thing to do is hand their winter fuel payment back and pay for their own TV Licence.  We don’t want the bedroom tax and we don’t want the rich lining their pockets even more, whilst the rest of us struggle to maintain a roof over our heads and feed our families a decent meal.

So if UKIP do well at the Local Elections, it is purely because the people of this country are fed up with what this coalition Government is doing to them and they don’t trust having Labour back in power.

Anyway rant over… have a good day everyone.


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