Too young to die

cyberbullyingYou know there is nothing worse than getting a Google alert of picking up a paper to read another child has committed suicide to bullying.

It must be every parent’s worst nightmare, especially if they know their child is being bullied and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

They have been to the school, they have kept their child away from school and still the harassment and torment continues.

Today in the Metro, there are reports of another 12 year old child committing suicide. Yes Katie Webb is another victim to bullying, whether it be in the school playground or online.  Today one family will not see their baby daughter grow into a woman, they will not see their child mature into adulthood and then find their soulmate.  One father will not be proudly walking his daughter down the aisle as he gives her hand in marriage.

And what was this little treasures crime, well according to the Metro she was bullied because of her hairstyle and not having the right designer clothes to wear. Charlotte Spica said:

‘Such a lovely girl was affected by people picking on hairstyles or not wearing Paul’s Boutique or Superdry.’

God I have never hear of Paul’s Boutique or Superdry until today… Bullied because of fashion and a hairstyle.

Her former headteacher says:

‘Katie was happy. We remember her vibrant, bouncy and loveable nature. Our thoughts are with the family.’

The trouble is with bullying, along with the jeering and the humiliation comes the threats, the bullying and the threats go hand in hand… they are part and parcel of the whole problem.  The threats from the bullies, that tell you if you think your life is hell now, it will get worse if you report them for bullying.  They have you living in fear because you know deep down inside if they get in trouble your life won’t be worth living at all.

When a child can’t take any more of the bullying – and they know damn well, that their parents will demand action against the bullies – and they have instilled in their mind that things won’t get better they will only get worse, that is when desperation steps in and suicide seems the only alternative left open to them.  They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, that eventually things will improve, all they can see is a life-time ahead of them which is full of taunts, jeers and sometimes violence.

One commentator on the Metro, I take it they are a child themselves, wrote:

This is why Facebook and such services have age limits. This is awful, but I notice no information is given about the platform on which the bullying took place. If it was on Facebook, why was her profile not set to private. If it was just on the internet, browsing should be supervised by parents at that age. Doesn’t change that what has happened is terrible but surely more could have been done to prevent this.

To have the attitude that because a child is under the age where they are technically allowed an account on the likes of Facebook, is rather trying to shift the blame from the bullies to the victim.  We have all been there.. haven’t we?  We have all done things that we know legally we are not entitled to do?  We have all tried the cigarette before the age of consent, and we have all slapped the face paint on to look older so we can get into places where we are underage.  It is part of growing up.

Social Networks must be made accountable for what is hosted on their sites.. It is only the other day that I was reading about Facebook and them allowing a video of a baby being beaten on their site.  If kids on Facebook see this kind of thing happening and the people not being held accountable and the likes of Facebook doing nothing about it, then they will interpret that as a green light for them to behave in such an awful manner.

You only have to scour the internet to find news stories of other children committing suicide due to bullying.  Here are just some of the cases..

  • Amanda Todd – You can view her video here:

Those are just six names in the many … just six of the children who have decided to kill themselves because of bullies, there are many many more who have taken their lives in order to escape bullying.


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