Now where were we?……

bad-plumbing-jobOh yes I remember, talking about Iain (I could live on £53 a week) Dopey Sod and his remarks about the wealthiest of pensioners handing back their Winter Fuel Payments and not getting their bus passes and free TV Licences.

Well, Iain (I could live on £53 a week) Dopey Sod, is now squirming like an eel and backtracking in the fastest possible manner, over his remarks.  He told BBC Radio 4, according to the Independent, the following:

 “I am not encouraging people to hand it back or keep it…All I said in answer to a question, [is that] there’s always been the position that if somebody wants to hand the money back if they don’t use it, that’s up to them. But I’m not making that a policy position; it’s just there, it’s always been available for them to do.”

God this man does more u-turns than a dodgy plumber.. Personally I think he is one of these open mouth, put both feet it in and land firmly on your ass… types. In other words engage gob before brain. He doesn’t think before he says something.  But there again, when you live in a mansion that was inherited by your spouse, I don’t think you have much to worry about do you?

Well last night, I took a mosey on over to FleetStreetFox’s blog where she had posted about the same thing.. and guess what.. Lord Sugar tried to hand his back in 2010 and after spending an hour on the phone he gave up.

Yes back in October 2010, the Daily Mail reports about Lord Sugar and his attempts to hand back his winter fuel payment.

Lord Sugar tweeted to his followers

Alan Sugar tweet

The article then goes onto to say:

A spokeswoman for the Department of Work and Pensions confirmed that the winter fuel allowance is paid automatically to 95 per cent of OAPs.

She said that Lord Sugar should have been advised that he could cancel the payment, but would need to make the request in writing rather than over the phone.

Now surely the nice little civil servant sitting there in Newcastle would have known the correct steps a person would have to go through in order to cancel their future payments of the winter fuel allowance, wouldn’t they?  If not some line manager should know, surely!

But has it stopped these stupid so called coalition Twats from making asses of themselves even more… nope sorry… only this time it was, good old Nick (I will lick anyone’s ass to get a seat next to the PM) Clegg that waded into the argument yet again in 2012 only this time it was about the Free Bus Pass.

Yes the Daily Mirror reports that Nick (I will lick anyone’s ass to get a seat next to the PM) Clegg told the BBC:

… that it was difficult to justify multi-millionaires such as Lord Sugar getting perks such as free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance.

Which prompted Lord Sugar to tweet the following:

Lord Sugar Tweets bus passAnd whilst they are arguing over who should and shouldn’t have a bus pass or receive the Winter Fuel Payment, perhaps they could put their own hardship fund to good uses, like the NHS, Schools, or maybe use it so they don’t have to cut the welfare budget so harshly.  Yes FleetStreetFox, links to an article in the Daily Mirror, where the Government are sitting on a £5.7 million ‘hardship’ fund should any of them get into financial difficulty, which reports the following:

The Treasury pays thousands of pounds a year into the “hardship fund”, which gives financial help to former members and their families down on their luck.

But while MPs have this to fall back on, some of the most hard-pressed families in Britain have lost similar support because of the Government’s cuts.

The Department for Work and Pensions this month axed the discretionary social fund, which provided emergency support to people living in poverty.

So if my hubby, finds himself out of work and having to resort to the bottle, am I entitled to have a share of this fund, after all it is his money that went into it?  Of course, not and should I get any assistance from anyone, the benefits agency would want me to declare such help so they could deduct that from my next payment.

Seriously though you couldn’t make this shite up if you tried.  No wonder this country is in such a friggin mess.


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