Daily Prompt: Mad Libs

Well today’s Daily Promot is Mad Libs and WordPress’ instructions were: Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.

Unhelpful-helperSo my Mad Lib for today would have to be The Unhelpful Helper.  

Well let us start at the beginning, and to save embarrassment for the person who was totally obnoxious and plain right bloody rude.. I won’t give a link to where this online episode happened.

Well you see, I asked if a simple request could be carried out by the hosts of a certain blogging platform (you don’t have to look too far) and I take it the person who replied is what this blogging platform class as an unpaid volunteer.. Fine we have all helped out at one stage or another on certain, blogs, forums and we have had questions thrown at us.. which we think are bloody stupid, but being civil and not wishing to offend the people who do put money into the pockets of those that run the platform for a profit, is not a hard task really… You remain civil and you try to be understand and cater for their needs.. irrespective of whether you got out of the bed the wrong way… or to put it bluntly had a friggin rotten day… and we all have those.

Anyway my simple request was met with hostility, basically if I didn’t like the two options I was given, then tough shite… suffer the lack of what I asked for..  fine if people want that attitude, then great they only show themselves up for being pig-ignorant.  But then the person tried to humiliate me even further by a comment directed at other readers which stated  my concerns couldn’t be that important to me, as I would have taken one of the two options given..

Now the two options, offered, I didn’t like… and I think my initial request was quite civil… I was not bolshy, rude or arrogant in my manner… So todays Twat of the Day award has to go to

The Unhelpful Helper – you know who you are.


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