Daily Prompt: The Little Things

Daily Prompt: The Little Things Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds but is often overlooked.

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A little bit of kindness. Maybe it can be a smile, a nod or just a quick hello. Or just a hug.. Sometimes someone’s kindness just gives you the strength to either move on or it consoles you when you are at a low ebb.  One act of kindness can have an impact greater than you may ever know.

Today, we all lead lives that are full of rush, rush, rush.. If we aren’t working, we are raising children, if we aren’t doing that we are busy trying to juggle hectic lives that we forget that something so small, as kindness can be so meaning and thoughtful to someone.

The little old lady as she walks down the road and nods at you, who you just nod back to and say nothing else, will probably have her day made, when you take time out to stop and say a quick hello back and ask how they are keeping.   You don’t their circumstances, you don’t know if their life behind closed doors, is lonely and the only people she meets are the people on the street.

To offer a person a shoulder to cry on and to console them in their hour of need is a kindness that can never by paid back by money… We all reach low ebbs in our lives and we all need someone and it is at these times that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way.

And as our lives get more hectic and our heads or being filled with tunes emanating from our iphones, sometimes  kindness if one of the things that gets overlooked and forgotten about.  Perhaps if we all offered each other a little bit of kindness this world might just be a better place to live in.  Who knows.. but it is far better to offer kindness than not.

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