Leisurely stroll

Courtesy of Daily Mail ©Splash

I have just had a quick gander of the Daily Mail and there they have pictures of Anne Hathaway walking her dog through the streets of the big apple.. and  doesn’t she look good.

And the dog looks good as well..

The doggie looks so obedient, so controllable and a pleasure to walk with.

Stewie and Dumpling

Cor I wish I could walk the streets looking as glamorous as that, with a dog that knows that it is forbidden to drag people around the streets.

Yes our little treasures think it highly amusing to pull their poppa through the lounge, out into the kitchen and out the back door as quick as they can..  not saying they drag him that much but 9 times out of 10 he is more horizontal than vertical.

So at dog walking time, it isn’t a case of the word ‘Walkies’ being said, it is more of a case of ‘Coming Through’, which means get out of the way, cos you are bound to be trampled upon 😀

We, or more my hubby, has tried, every lead going to deter them from pulling, from semi-choke chains to no-pull body harnesses.  And each one of them has failed miserably.. Stewie he is willing to plod along at times, but Dumpling no way jose, she wants to be in the front and taking control, which Stewie doesn’t want, so it becomes a battle of wits out of who is going to win, Stewie, Dumpling or Poppa.. I would say Poppa comes in third and Dumpling well she is first.

So Anne Hathaway might have a leisurely stroll around the streets, but for us here, it is a quick drag around the streets. 😀   Mustn’t complain, cos we love them to bits, just wish they would walk like other dogs, peacful, without dragging. 😀


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