Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

Today’s daily prompt from WordPress is Daily Prompt: Evasive Action and they ask What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

book of secretsMy god this is a hard one.. it all depends what morals you have, in my opinion.  Would you want to keep a secret that you know when the truth emerges someone is going to be hurt?

Perhaps I have been lucky, I have never been put into a situation where someone has asked me to keep a secret where the outcome will cause pain and anxiety… perhaps it is not luck.. perhaps it is because people know I wouldn’t do it or I wouldn’t want to know.

When a friend tells you a confidence or a secret and it doesn’t involve anyone having their feelings hurt, I will keep their confidence.  Nothing will make me betray a friend’s confidence, not unless I find that that so-called friend decided to abuse my trust and turned out to be nothing but a back-stabber..  Again people like that I have encountered online but not in real-life.. The internet is a place where you learn fast and you learn quickly that what a person types may not be what a person is.. It is all too easy for someone to type, all about their morals and principles only to be sitting behind a computer monitor laughing their head off, and thinking what a sucker these people are to believe them.

If a friend, wanted to surprise someone.. a surprise party or a romantic weekend, then I will become apart of that secret, because I know the outcome is going to be one of joy and happiness.  But if a friend wanted me to cover for them whilst they played away, so to speak, don’t bother.. I won’t do it.

I wouldn’t want someone, who was supposed to be a friend, helping someone to deceive me.. and therefore I would do it to others.

Perhaps a friendship will end because I won’t become part of some dastardly plan, but then again what friend would want to involve others in their dirty deeds?

So I have been lucky.. I have only ever been asked to keep secrets that were pleasant surprises.

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