Daily Prompt: Success!

yesYep it is that time of day again… the traditional Daily Prompt and today the topic for WordPress Daily Prompt: Success! and they ask us bloggers to write and Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

Now my moment of great success would have to be when that kind man with a clipboard said to me, ‘You’ve passed’.  I nearly leapt across the seat and planted him one of the biggest kisses of his life.. but I thought better of it, just incase he took away the Pass certificate and handed me a whopping Fail one in its place.

You see that was my third test..  and to be honest, even though I could drive, I was not good at sticking to the rules of the road.. I failed my first because of speed.. 30 miles per hour seems like a snails pace when the bloke in front is leaving you with a vision of his real tail lights fading into the distance… or the bloke behind is flashing you and sounding his horn because you are gingerly driving up the main road and could be overtaken by a cyclist.

The second one.. well if I could get hold of that dustman and personally massacre him I would.. there I was nearing the end of the test.. reverse around corner.. brilliant… up-hill start.. like a dream.  Even the emergency stop was perfect and didn’t result in the instructor getting concussion.  But it had to be dustbin day.. and there I was going down a wide avenue when the dustman decided to wave me on.. fine great.. remember mirror, signal manoeuvre.  So I followed those steps and then the stupid sod dropped the bloody dustbin lid and it rolled across the road and I ran over it.  FAIL.

The third one.. well I was taking no chances… short skirt.. tanned legs, courtesy of Ambre Solaire, wonder bra and a clingy white top showing off all the curves… well if my driving wasn’t going to impress him I was hoping that my lack of attire might soften his heart, just a little. 😀

There used to be one Driving Examiner that you dreaded getting.. if when he came down the stairs and didn’t say your name, you could finally breath a slight sigh of relief.. so that day when he came down the stairs and called my name.. I thought… “Oh shit… nothing melts this guys heart”.  So that was a waste of effort.

Anyway off we proceeded, read the number plate, got in the car and decided to all the correct things, check mirror… etc. Used the trick my instructor taught me of having the mirror slightly off of where it should be so I would have to move my head to look.  Anyway off we went.. the hill start and reverse around corner were better than test two if I have to say so myself.   Then we proceeded up the road and you guessed it… some child decided to run across the road.. By luck I missed them… this little boy just came running out of his front door and straight across the road..  with his mother following frantically.. I stopped the car, did the correct things and then my heart sunk as I realised I had probably failed yet again..

As we drove around the streets and continued with the test, he never asked me to do an emergency stop, so that convinced me.. I had failed. When we returned to the test centre, we did the usual signs and their meanings… and I really felt so downbeat that I wanted to shout, at him, “What’s the friggin point?  I’ve failed.  You are just prolonging my agony even further.”

Then I sat there, waiting for that slip that had FAIL stamped all over it, when he said… “I am pleased to say you have passed.. I didn’t do the emergency stop procedure because you had one that was unplanned and carried out the correct procedure.”  My god my heart lifted and I just wanted to give him a big smacker right on his little thin lips…. finally SUCCESS I now have my FULL LICENCE…  Whey hey…  watch out roads.. here I come..

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