TV series and their new tricks/stars

250px-New_Tricks_Series_8Iwas just reading a Daily Mirror article where it states that Tamzin Outhwaite will be replacing Amanda Redman in the new series of New Tricks..  My lord I didn’t even know that Amanda Redman had quit the show… now where have I been?

And if you think Amanda Redman leaving, is bad news.. well here is the shocker.. Alun Armstrong has also quit.  Oh no … how can there be no more Brian….

How the hell are we going to cope with no more Brian?.. It was bad enough last series having to get to know Denis Lawson who played Detective Inspector Steve McAllister, because we all missed Jack and his private little chats to his deceased wife Mary, at a shrine he had in his garden dedicated to her.  And to be honest it took me a few episodes to start to warm to DI McAllister.

Apparently this all stemmed from Amanda Redman  saying that the series was getting ‘bland’ and Alun Armstrong saying that the actors would do rewrites..

Which inevitably sent the writer, Julian Simpson, heading for twitter, according to the Mirror in a frenzy about what has been said:

A New Tricks I wrote and directed airs on Monday.

I’ll tell you EXACTLY how much of it the actors wrote; not a f***ing comma.

And the Sun reported Julian Simpson as saying:

I was going to be writing today, instead I’m just going to hand the actors a pad and pen. I wish I’d learned this 15 years ago.

Oh well there goes peace and harmony out of the window.. and a good show.

But don’t you find that this happens far too much in a series …. somewhere along the way they lose the original characteristics and personalities of people these actors are playing.. Take Brian Lane, now we all loved Brian when he was a bit scatty and eccentric.. but come on.. when they started to make him more sane.. things just didn’t gel right in my opinion.

So will you be watching the new series?  I will give it a whirl, but to be honest, the enthusiasm has just gone from me… Gerry will be the only original cast member left.. and I am afraid to say, New Tricks to me was about the lives of those characters.. Brian with his poor long suffering wife, Esther, having to deal with Brian’s alcoholic additions and his pedantic ways.. Jack with his heart still broken that his beloved Mary was killed… and Amanda who had to be strong, in order to rein in these three mavericks,  and who wanted to be the best copper out there.

But New Tricks is not the only series that gets an overhaul and loses the essence of what it was like.. there are many more that have been revamped, in hope of bringing in new audiences.  Which ultimately results in the whole show being taken off air, because the public can’t get used to the new actors or the new characters.

New Tricks to me wasn’t just about the storylines and the cold cases… it was about Sandra, Brian, Jack and Gerry.  And about how they gelled together … they seemed to bond together and bounce off of one another.  I suppose it is hard to put into words but there was something about these four that made the show what it was….

And New Tricks to me, started to fray at the edges, when Jack left….

As I said I will give it a whirl.. but I am not holding much hope out.. whereas I used to sit eagerly waiting for 9pm and the start of New Tricks.. somehow I don’t think that will be happening now.


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