The after effects….

TMichelle-Knighthe more you read, the more distressing this case is.. I am referring to the three women who were finally released from 10 years of hell after being falsely imprisoned by a man who you can only class as evil.

Two of the female victims were reunited with their families very soon after being released from their ordeal.. The third victim Michelle Knight was admitted to hospital and according to the Daily Mirror she has finally been released from hospital.  The true horrific ordeal of what Michelle went through is filed in a Police report that states, she had suffered five miscarriages due to beating of the abdomen and by Castro intentionally starving her for weeks on end.

And still this tragic course of events, offers another blow, to those who have suffered.. Michelle on her release from hospital has refused to be reunited with her family.. Instead she has opted to stay with the family of Gina DeJesus. A family who, according to neighbours, are willing to take her in as part of their family and help her rebuild her life.

If their ordeal wasn’t enough to contend with, two of these poor women were shown the vigils that their families held for them.  For Michelle Knight there were no vigils and her own grandmother said they were certain she was dead… Deborah Knight said:

“We didn’t think we would see her again.”

How tragic is this case.. apart from being held captive and abused in the most horrendous manner, poor Michelle did not have a family holding out hope for her being found alive.  How do Knight family think this poor woman feels, when she saw the vigils being held by the other captives families, and her own family not bothering?  Is it hardly surprising that she doesn’t want much to do with them?  Thank god for the DeJesus family who are going to get Michelle through the coming days by offering their help..

Some people condemn a certain family because on every anniversary of the day their child was taken and that child’s birthday, they hold a vigil and pray for their child’s safe return.  For Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, even though they had to watch the vigils, in their hearts it gave them hope and it let them know that they had not been forgotten, they had not been written off as probably dead by their families.  As for Michelle, having to watch other families hold vigil for their missing children it must have been like having a knife stabbed right through your heart.. knowing that you had been forgotten by your own family.

No mother, no grandmother, no father, no grandfather, or any family member, would write their child off as dead.. without solid evidence to prove otherwise… and then I would want to be 110% certain, before I could accept it…  if I had a missing child.

Victim advocacy groups have united and they are holding a balloon release in honour of Michelle and have issued a statement which says:

“She is no longer forgotten. We want to let her know she is not alone.”

My thoughts and prayers are will all three victims… but even more so for Michelle who must have felt so alone knowing that her family did nothing in her honour and by them just accepting the fact that she was probably dead.   Three women, whose lives will never be the same again.. but now they are free, I do hope the press leave them alone to rebuild some kind of normal life..  This man destroyed everything they were, he stole their innocence and he stole their dignity..  In the coming months they will have to endure a trial and relive their nightmares all over again, in a courtroom… Let the media at least not take away their right to privacy.  Let them heal and let them rebuild their lives in peace.


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