Happy Birthday…

Thappybirthday10oday a little girl is 10 years old.. it is her Birthday and she should be spending her 10th Birthday with her family and her friends. Her younger brother and sister, shouldn’t be thinking about her in such a sad way, they should be altogether, eating jelly and ice cream and playing party games.  There should be no tears on a little girl’s birthday and there should be no sadness. But, unfortunately for this family they are not spending a day full of fun and games and today will be spent thinking of what should have been… and a day that is full with sadness.

Sadly this little girl was taken from her bed in Portugal on evening of May 3rd 2007.  Her name Madeleine McCann… Out of those 10  Birthdays she has had, she has only spent 3 of them with her true family..   Throughout the internet today, as it is Madeleine’s birthday, there is a campaign to raise awareness and hopefully find this little girl. Bloggers throughout the internet are doing a #Blogging4Madeleine day.

Madeleine, unfortunately, is not the only missing child in this world.. too many children are missing.. so as part of #Blogging4Madeleine I will also appeal to anyone who has any information, not just about Madeleine but any missing child, to do the right thing… contact the Police and reunite a child with their family..


As per usual, comments to this post will be unavailable.. due to the vicious attacks on her parents… just for one day,  could everyone just think about Madeleine and not about her family.. think about the little girl who should be with her family and think about doing the right thing, for once and uniting together to help find Madeleine McCann, and pray for her safe return….

Happy Birthday Madeleine xx – wherever you may be..