And this is why our justice system is wrong..

Shuhne and priceo they are out… what a surprise… NOT.. Just another case of if you are wealthy and have the right connections.. and a former member of parliament you won’t have to serve half your sentencing, yet alone the full amount.

On March 11th 2013 the Judge gave sentence in the case of Pryce and Huhne and said this in his judgement with regards to Huhne….

There being no exceptional circumstances in your case, it is clear that an immediate custodial sentence must be imposed. You accept that, to some extent, you were the more culpable of the two of you.

Having weighed all the various features, it seems to me that the least possible sentence after a trial in your case would have been one of nine months’ imprisonment.

From that I must deduct the 10% to reflect your late plea, which (rounded down) results in a sentence of eight months’ imprisonment, which is the sentence that I impose upon you.

With regards to Pryce the Judge said:

In my view the matters advanced on your behalf do not amount to exceptional circumstances, thus it is clear that an immediate custodial sentence must be imposed in your case as well.

There can be no discount for a plea, nor any for genuine remorse – clearly there is none.

Having weighed all the various features, including the fact that Mr Huhne was somewhat more culpable than you but his sentence was discounted to reflect his plea, the sentence that I impose on you is also one of eight months’ imprisonment.

The Judge then went on to say this about early release:

Unless released earlier under supervision you will serve half that sentence. Your release will not, however, bring the sentence to an end. If after your release and before the end of your sentence you commit any further offence you may be ordered to return to custody to serve the balance of the original sentence outstanding at the date of the new offence, as well as being punished for that offence.

So today Huhne and Pryce have been released from Prison after serving just 8 weeks of their sentence.

What a friggin mockery of the judicial system this is… Chris Huhne was a Member of Parliament.. he was elected to do a job and he because of his role in the governing of our country, he should have been made an example of.. sorry but there should have been no leniency for these two.. they broke the law and and their term in prison should have been at least half of their sentence…

If ex-MP’s, and lets remember he only resigned because he got found out, are allowed to abuse the law and commit perjury.. and get released after 8 weeks, what message are we really sending out?  Well  it isn’t one of letting criminals know if they lie to the Police, they will be dealt with harshly, is it? And 8 weeks is hardly a deterrent is it?

The truth of this case is this.. If Chris Huhne had NOT dumped his wife for another woman and he had remained faithful to Pryce she would NEVER have gone to the papers.. It is clear as the nose on your face, Pryce decided to dob in her husband because he betrayed her and left her…

Right up until 2011 they were both, happy for her to have his points.. but when the love triangle emerged she was having none of it and in revenge decided to leak the story..

But it wasn’t an event that happened recently though was it?  The offence occurred back in 2003, the BBC reports, that Keir Starmer, DPP said:

“The essence of the charges is that between March and May 2003, Mr Huhne, having allegedly committed a speeding offence, falsely informed the investigating authorities that Ms Pryce had been the driver of the vehicle in question, and she falsely accepted that she was the driver.”

For eight years she was prepared to have those points on her licence.. in fact after 4 years they would have been removed and she could have applied to the DVLA to have them removed

According to DirectGov… Pryce could have had those points removed back in Mar and May (depending on the date of conviction) 2007… Points on your licence stay on your licence for 4 years.. but if you build up 12 points or more within 3 years you can be disqualified for driving.

And the crux of the matter is this.. if Huhne had never played away from home.. we would have been none the wiser and the deceit would have gone on.. it is only because he decided to spread his manhood elsewhere that this case ever reached court.

He lied, she lied and they would have continued to lie if they had still been together… end of story. So the minimum term each of them should have spent in prison is 4 months.. and no way should they have been released today.. in essence they have spent 1 week inside for every year they committed perjury.

What a friggin joke.  And it gets worse, according to the BBC report, there is talk of both Huhne and Pryce writing a book each… my god and they say crime doesn’t pay.. well they got that one wrong didn’t they?


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