Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

ABo - 4nother day, another challenge in the series of Daily Prompts.  Today’s Daily Prompt is Unconventional Love and WordPress ask, Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

God what is unconventional love.. it is to love something or someone in a way that is not normal?  Is it unconventional to love your animals the same way as you love your children and your family?

If asked I would have to describe my unconventional love as the love I had for my Tibetan Mastiff, Bo.  Bo came into our lives and changed it completely.. normally our dogs, were well behaved and would sleep downstairs.. but no Bo was not like that he was not going to be a conventional dog.. he was a night barker so the only way to stop him barking at the slightest noise was to take him to bed with us.

Everything about Bo was unconventional.. most dogs run and greet you when you arrive home.. Bo would look up, give like a smile and a glad look that you were home and then carry on and do his own thing.. If he wanted fuss, then you were duty bound to give it.. if he didn’t well he would just take himself down into the dining room, lay quietly and remain aloof.

Bo was not like any other dog we have known.. Bo was different, in fact, I think he was more human than dog.  He knew when you were sad, he knew when you were happy.. He knew when you just needed him there for a minute to comfort you.  When he wanted a walk.. you went.. if not he would stand in front of the TV until eventually you gave in.

This was an unconventional love for me, to love a dog so much, that when he died, I grieved as if it was human being that I had lost.. I felt that I had lost my child..   Bo was more than any person could wish for.. he had character and to me he was a four-legged furry human..

The pain, the grief and the sorrow filled my heart the day, I knew I had to do what was right for him.. I knew that it was in my power to end his suffering and I knew when I kissed him goodbye that night, that was the start of my journey of grief.  A grief that still today, at times, can be hard to bear… Bo was my unconventional love..


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