They call it an Oven

So I am told.

Anyone who knows me will tell you straight,  me and that cooker don’t get on. No matter how much I try to get friendly with it, it ruins everything I put in it.  It is the most unfriendliest white goods I have ever known.

Well tonight I thought my prayers were finally going to be answered, Sainsbury’s said you can feed a family of four for £50 if you shop with them.  Brilliant I thought, way to go, give him and the kid £25.00 and pack them off to Sainsbury’s for the week.

As for myself,  I can cope, quite well, using the freezer and microwave, at least I won’t have to be forever trying to encourage the dogs to eat the remnants.  Even they have looked at me at times as if to say, “You are joking, I know we’re dogs but even we have standards to the level of rubbish we’ll eat”.

And that microwave has been a loyal friend, it has shown me an understanding that it is there to serve me and has never played up, well it did once or twice until I fathomed out how to use it.  But eventually that nice little object that sits on that worktop has been saviour to me in more ways than you can think.

And guess what?  Yep you have it one, they refused to take the money and go Sainsbury’s. Mind you I don’t know how Sainsbury’s can claim they can feed a family of four for under £50 and those two could have told me if they had played ball and took the money.  Well according to an Independent article back in 1994 you could get this lot:

Bread, pasta, cereals, rice and potatoes: Bread – white, 29p; soft grain, 45p; wholemeal, two, 78p; crusty white stick, 53p. Plain flour, 500g, 24p. Cornflakes, 500g, 89p. Wholewheat Bisk, 430g, 84p. Spaghetti, quick cook, 1kg, 72p. Rice, easy cook, 1kg, 99p. Potatoes – British, 2.5kg, pounds 1.65; baking, 1.7kg, pounds 1.26.

Fruit and vegetables: Bananas, 500g, 53p; apples, 1kg, pounds 1.45; white grapes, 500g, 88p; eight nectarines, 88p; honeydew melon, 99p; canned fruit, 49p; greens, 54p; white cabbage, 37p; mushrooms, 225g, 78p; onions, 340g, 24p; runner beans, 450g, 78p; fresh carrots, 740g, 32p; red pepper, 41p; cucumber, 38p; cauliflower, 55p; courgettes, 500g, 46p; round lettuce, 25p; canned sweetcorn, 45p; canned tomatoes, 23p; baked beans, 42p; petit pois, 69p.

Meat and fish: smoked ham, 120g, 69p; streaky bacon, 260g, 60p; two cottage pies, 98p; minced beef, 450g, pounds 1.09; sausages (economy), 900g, pounds 1.05; chicken drumsticks, 400g, pounds 1.12; minced lamb, 450g, pounds 1.38; four steak and kidney pies, pounds 1.89; can of beef and vegetable soup, 38p; fish fingers, 250g, 39p; smoked mackerel, 130g, 38p.

Dairy: Six eggs (size 2), 72p; milk – 8pts (semi- skimmed), pounds 1.66; Easy Pints milk powder, 95p; two strawberry yoghurts, 32p; cherry yoghurt, 16p; peach yoghurt, 16p; single cream, 36p; mild cheddar, 230g, 93p; cottage cheese & pineapple, 200g, 75p.

Fats and oils: Blended butter, 63p; sunflower margarine, 37p; rapeseed oil, 52p; Golden low fat spread, 39p.

Beverages: Brown Label tea, 49p; Medium roast coffee, 64p; litre of fruit juice, 49p; litre of orange drink, 57p.

Cakes, confectionery, snacks and sugar: Jam roll, 69p; milk chocolate digestives, 88p; rich tea, 49p; six assorted tarts, 35p; sugar cubes, 500g, 69p; strawberry jam, 450g, 72p; six packets of crisps, 59p; 10 choc-ices, 66p; chocolate, 200g, 76p.

And all for the grand sum of

Total price: pounds 46.62 ( pounds 11.66 per person).

Oh well, suppose I had better psych myself up to face that horrible white thing sitting between those two cupboards in the kitchen, for another week.  First thing I am going to do if I ever win the lottery is get rid of that cooker and buy a brand new range for show and move to an area highly populated by take away places and restaurants.  So glad to hear that even the Harvester Restaurants are going to be supplying take-away meals.

They don’t call me “Queen of the Take-Away” for nothing. 😀


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