Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail

MLondonany, many and I mean many moons ago I used to work in London… I loved the way the city buzzed and there was always something going on somewhere.  London in one of my favourite places to visit.

Yes I know when you are working and need to get from A to B in a hurry those pesky tourists are a real pain in the butt.  So back in May 2012,  me and the other half decided to put on our pesky tourist hats and hit London.

Believe it or not I have never travelled on the DLR, but hubby said if we parked at Cross Harbour we can get the DLR to Tower Gateway and then start our day trip to London by visiting Tower Bridge and then move into Central London.

So that is what we did, and a great plan it was.. For £7 each we could travel around London in Zones 1 and 2 as much as we liked.  Not bad really, of course there was Boris’ bikes, should we have decided we could do a bit of exercise as well, but London Ambulance service is far too busy at the best of times, so I was not going to add to their workload.  The tube for me it was.

I have heard the other half speak about the Shard and how it is going to be the tallest building in London, well once I saw it for my own eyes back in May 2012, sorry architects, it didn’t do anything for me.  In fact I think it is pretty ugly, and back then I had hoped that when finished I could begin to like it… but no.. I still don’t like it.

So on that May day in 2012,  it was off to Westminster,  we strolled from Tower Bridge to the Monument tube station and  then on the district line to Westminster.

As we came out of the tube station and went to cross the road to walk over Westminster bridge, some protest was going by, with people on bikes. I take it was to do with Fox hunting as in one of the photos I took was a fox.

There was masses of bikes, from all different ages, including the Penny Farthing.  It was quite spectacular and noisy with them all ringing their cycle bells, and we had the best advantage point to photograph as we were the first ones in the queue waiting to cross the road.

London_eye_1Then after a quick lunch, we decided to go on the London Eye.  I don’t do heights and after a bit, well more like a lot of coaxing I agreed to go up in one of those frightening capsules.

Well that was it, other half knew damn well I could bottle it any minute, so he purchased the fast track tickets so there was no turning back for me.

Immediately the panic set it, I had the fear of trying to walk into this capsule missing my footing and landing in the Thames, you really don’t know how much I hate heights and water.  And when those two are combined, double panic sets in.

Well I survived that part – getting into the capsule,  once in the capsule and doors secured, after a few deep breaths I managed to remain composed and not make a complete idiot of myself. I did actually pluck up some courage  got up from sitting on the wooden bench in the middle to take photos.  Holding onto him like grim death, I ventured towards the glass and started to take some photos.

Well that was it, he was all over this capsule capturing the sights of London forgetting about his petrified wife who had visions of Eddie Murphy rescuing those children from that broken capsule in Wonderworld in the film Beverley Hills Cops III.

Finally, thank god, when we were on the other side of the wheel and coming back down to firm land.. my heart finally stopped pumping frantically as we approached the get off platform.  All I know, is that I needed a bloody medal for getting on the London Eye yet alone going full circle on the thing.

As we strolled by the Thames, amongst the thousands of tourists, we decided that we will be coming back to London and visiting many of the other attractions… no London Eye next time though.:D

And I was glad to be back home to rest my feet….

cable comeSo what does he do last night?..  Yes, you’ve guessed it, he decided that we will have another day trip to London.. only this time he is speaking about going on the Cable Car that crosses the Thames.. Jesus bloody wept.. I was bricking it on the London Eye, does he really think I am going to get in a cable car that is dangling in mid air and held up by a bit of wire?

Anyway there I was googling, hoping and praying that the price to travel on one of those cable cars was extortionate and he would decide he wasn’t going to pay those prices, when up popped the price on the TFL site.. My god it is about £4 each way each…

How the hell am I going to get out of this one… I suppose I could send him on the cable car and I could catch the tube and meet him at the other end.. but knowing him, he won’t want to do that.. he will want me there by his side.. men.

As the Daily Prompt for Today is called Too Big to Fail, where wordpress set this challenge and ask: Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet) I thought my trip back in 2012 and the future trip would qualify as something I would attempt I could do if I didn’t fail.

So I would attempt to go on that cable car contraption, if I could guarantee that I wouldn’t want to be sick, pass out and be able to open my eyes to see the view.   The London Eye was bad enough… and this thing seems as if it is dangling on a thin wire to me.. and I don’t think I could muster the courage to step foot inside the capsule, yet alone close the door behind me and wizz across the river… You know for a non swimmer whose swimming skill is ‘Two strokes, three bubbles and a funeral,’ putting them in something that is hoovering above water amounts to torture. 😀

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. I am terrified of cable cars too.


    1. Bren says:

      I am hoping that he goes off of the idea.. if not it will be either a couple of valium or a few drinks .. 😀


  2. angloswiss says:

    LOL – As an original Londoner, I loved reading this. The modern London is something I do not know so well, although I visit once a year. From what I read of the Shard, it would be a very expensive outing, you have to book your tickets and it is very expensive to get to the top. One day I might try the cable car.


    1. Bren says:

      Oh he won’t get me up that Shard thing… the price so they say is astronomical for the Shard. I am getting the ‘You’ll be OK, I’m there,” over the cable car trip.. which I think will be replied with… “Yep, I know I’ll be OK on the tube and I’ll meet you at the other end.” Trouble is I watch too many disaster movies.. if if there is snow in them there always has to be a cable car accident.. Perhaps I should stick to the soaps.. 😀


  3. cynthiamc1 says:

    I am laughing so hard at this – thank you. I would love to go on the London Eye and the cable wire thingy – how are you on roller coasters? Maybe we could swap 🙂


    1. Bren says:

      I am fine on the roller coaster, providing it keeps moving.. it is the thought of being on something so slow without my feet firmly on the ground.. I can do loop the loop, the waltzer and big dipper fine.. but put me on that Big Wheel and that is it… panic sets in.. I suppose that is why me and the other half don’t go to the fair.. he can’t stand the fast rides and I can’t stand the slow rides where I am up in the air. 😀


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