ITV Tonight – Tia Sharp

Ltia sharpast night at 7.30pm ITV aired their Tonight programme.. and a documentary about the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp.  Mark Williams-Thomas spent months with the family of Tia Sharp and spoke in-depth to Stuart Hazell.

Tia’s family have been criticised by many on the internet and the media reported much about the past of Stuart Hazell and his previous convictions.. I have seen accusations that they could be involved in what happened… especially her grandmother, Christine Bicknell, who was arrested and released on bail, along with Stuart Hazell… Christine was later released from her bail conditions and no charges were brought against Christine Bicknell, in fact I would go as far as saying that she was another victim of Stuart Hazell.

In this interview ITV News video you can see just how manipulative Hazell was.. and what a compulsive liar he was

This manipulative, lying, scum-bag (sorry there are no other words to describe this monster), hoodwinked an entire family into believing that he was one of the most caring people out.  Apart from having a relationship with Tia’s grandmother he also had a brief relationship with Tia’s mother, Natalie.

During the ITV Tonight programme, shown last night, (also viewable on ITV Player for another 28 days) when Christine had to run the gauntlet of press photographers and journalists, Stuart Hazell in front of cameras, took off his microphone and went to Christine to comfort her.

Mark Williams-Thomas, in his interviews with the family, was considerate and showed empathy to the family, whilst asking some of the most daunting questions ever.

Christine Bicknell, said the only way she will ever get rid of Stuart Hazell from her mind, will be if she lets go of Tia’s memory and that is something she can’t do.. she can never forget her granddaughter.

Just this week, Hazell changed his plea to Guilty and was jailed for life, with a minimum of 38 years to be spent behind bars.  I don’t know about you, but life should mean life for murderers.  Theresa May, our Home Secretary, wants all people found guilty of killing a Police Officer to spend their entire remaining life behind bars.

Whilst I wholeheartedly, agree with the Home Secretary, I feel that we are stopping short of true justice if we just use this lifetime rule for the murders of Police Officers.. Yes Police Officers need protection, but the likes of Tia Sharp and many others who have died at the hands of a killer also deserve the same sort of justice and protection.

Stuart Hazell, if released after 38 years, will be 75 years old.. he will still be capable of re-offending.  Throughout the ITV programme you got the impression that he was becoming infatuated with Tia.. she was just coming into being a teenager and Stuart Hazell, became her predator.

But on reading the Daily Mail about his brief relationship with Natalie back in 2003 prior to his relationship with Tia’s grandmother in 2007.  Did he remain in contact with the family during those 4 years, if so, I also wonder if he was trying to get close to Tia and used her grandmother to do so?  To me there are some unanswered questions and Hazell is the only person who can answer them.  As much as I hope that Hazell does speak to the family and give them the answers they need so they can move on.. something tells me he won’t.  He holds the cards and I doubt very much he will give them the answers they so desperately need.

Tia’s mother and grandmother were hoodwinked into thinking this guy, even though he was a convicted drug dealer, would not have harmed anybody.  They genuinely thought he cared about them and their family.

As distressing as the programme was to watch, I do applaud Mark Williams-Thomas for his sensitivity during the recording of that programme..

Even during the trial of Hazell, Tia was violated yet again, by the Justice system… There was a photograph of her used which was taken by Hazell.. (the photo was taken, after Hazell abused and killed Tia) and this photograph was not just shown to Counsel and the Jury, it was also shown to the media and people in the public gallery.

Hazell, originally pleaded not guilty.. the jury and people in the public gallery along with the media.. had to listen to the horrendous ordeal that Tia Sharp went through.. the graphic evidence in court shocked all of us who followed the trial… Then, Hazell changed his plea to guilty.. if Hazell had pleaded guilty in the first place, then a mother wouldn’t have had to hear how her daughter died.  Hazell in my opinion, carried on abusing Tia all over again, because of this photo and the evidence given.

Mark Williams-Thomas, on the 15th May,  hit twitter and showed his disgust and condemnation, about this photo being shown and he has also written to DPP.

Well let us hope that the DPP issues guidelines to courts about photographs like this.. As much as I understand the jury and counsel needing to see them, in order to deliver the correct verdict.. the members of the press and people in the public gallery don’t need to view them.

To this day, Natalie Sharp does not know why Hazell killed her daughter.. and she wants to visit him in prison to ask why he killed her daughter. Whether Hazell will tell her I don’t know..  I hope she gets the answers she needs but I fear that the likes of Hazell will do all he can to inflict more pain on her family.

RIP Tia xx

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