Assisted Suicide….

Itony-nicklinson-pic-pa-840704439have been following the case of Tony Nicklinson and how is family are still fighting the system so that people with terminal illness can die with dignity and when they choose.  No-one wants their loved one to die.. but knowing that your loved one is living a life of misery and there is nothing you can do to make it better… must break your heart.

Just like when someone hurts your child, whether it be a jilted lover or friend who turns out not to be so friendly.. just to see them hurt cuts you to the quick.. and what makes matters worse is that nothing you do and say can put things right… They just have to work through the situation and let time be the healer.

In the Metro it was reported earlier this month that Tony’s family are going to renew his right-to-die appeal in the High Court.. We know that Tony died on the 22nd August 2012 after the rulings of the 12th and 16th of August.

I know life is to be treasured.. but I am all for having the right to pick and choose when you decide to leave this planet… I don’t want to ever be in a position, where I have no quality of life and become solely dependent on another person, just to do the basic functions of living.

Jane Nicholas along with Paul Lamb and a man named Martin have appealed against the original decision and the case started to be heard in the High Court on the 13th May, 2013.  And is expected to last several days.. so far there has been no decision made.

May I wish them all luck in getting a satisfactory outcome.. it may be too late for Tony Nicklinson but for others if the laws can be changed.. it will be a weight off of their minds.. knowing that they will have the right to die with dignity and not have the fear that those they love will not be prosecuted should they decide to help them.

Court Judgments

 Tony Nicklinson Judgement 12-03-12

Nicklinson – Media Summary 16th August 2012

Tony Nicklinson Judgement 16-08-12


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