Daily Prompt: Goals

Nambitionsow what you write about your goals or your ambitions about your blog.. Well that is what WordPress’ Daily Prompt is today. They ask When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Well the truth is no, I never set goals when I started my blog… I considered my blog as an extension of me.. my thoughts, my opinions and what inspired me and what also gets up my nose… and pi$$es me off.

As time progressed, my hobbies changed in real-life and I took up photography along with my husband… yes we could have sat there viewed our pictures and never put them online.. but we wanted people to see the wonderful places we have been..

We wanted people, to be encouraged to visit places and to get out and about and maybe even take up photography.  Naturally, a blog was needed.. and as this particular blog is my own personal piece of cyberspace, a new blog was needed for our joint project..  so we bought a domain, decided to host at WordPress.com and then went from there… and RyanPhotography was born.

So that was it .. two blogs, each with their own content…

My goals, were never set high, blogging to me is a place to put my thoughts and my opinions into words.. whether readers agree with those opinions, is down to them.. and debate can only be constructive if all view points are spoken.  One thing I have learnt though, the hard way, that the internet is full of people who at times, want to bully and cause you to feel less worthy.. I have learnt the hard way to ignore and if I could go back and change anything, would I, yes I made mistakes in blogging and of course in my opinions.. but that is part of life isn’t it.. learning from your mistakes.

And one goal I id set, is to see how I have changed.. not just in my opinions, but as a person…. looking back on a blog helps you to see the good and bad of your posts.. the dark times of your life and the times where you are brimming with joy.

Blogging should be fun and goals are only achievable if they are within your reach.. set your goals too high and if you fail to accomplish then you are set for disappointment.. see the goals within reach and then you are triumphant.

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