Monkey Business

Iknow I shouldn’t laugh, but honestly what these Baboons got up to was no man’s business. Seriously though can you imagine coming home from a nice day out or feeling dog tired from a heavy day’s work, and having to face this? It is so easy to sit here and laugh at the mayhem these mischievous creatures did… but we are not the one’s clearing it up 😀

The Guardian on Monday,  stated:

A gang of baboons are filmed by a neighbour entering a house in Betty’s Bay, near Cape Town in South Africa, and ransacking the property. The primates climb through an open upstairs window and race round the house, helping themselves to food in the kitchen. The neighbour tries to get rid of the animals using a broom. Most flee but one stubbornly refuses to leave an upstairs bathroom

See for yourself… these baboons are having a field day.


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