Dishface just doesn’t understand does he?

So he wants to combat violent extremism in this Country.. well I say good on him.. but he is going to have to take every group and every religious sect and make them abide by the same set of rules.. He is going to have to ensure that one group of people are not given more understanding than another group.. and he is going to have to show that everyone in this land will abide by the laws of the land irrespective of their colour, creed or religion.

So David ‘Dishface’ Cameron stands outside Number 10 and gives his speech today.. 

He states:

We will defeat violent extremism by standing together…

…by backing our police and security services…

…and above all by challenging the poisonous narrative of extremism on which this violence feeds.

Well unfortunately I watched a video today that was being shown on Facebook.. and I was gobsmacked.. I couldn’t believe this happened… whether it was staged or not… I don’t know.. but something tells me it wasn’t.  Will it be used to suit the BNP and EDL agenda … you bet it will…

The above demonstration was because of the arrest of the wife of the Stockholm Bomber.

David Cameron needs to understand that extremism does exist and he needs to clamp down on it.. right away.  He has to have us all singing from the same hymn sheet and he has to have us all aboard for it to work.  But the more that the Christian community feels peeved about what is going on the more they are going to turn to the likes of the BNP and EDL.  There are good and bad in all people, irrespective of what religion they follow. Muslims up and down this Country condemned what happened yesterday.. they were in as much shock and horror as you and I..  There are Muslims that want to integrate with the Christian community, they want to live side by side and in peace and harmony… it is the extremists that want to destroy that harmony.. and I am sorry but I am beginning to feel like saying, “If you don’t like living by our rules then sod off elsewhere, some place where you can live your ideology.. but you are not going to instill that ideology onto us.”

Does that make me racist?  No.. because I would say the same to the EDL and the BNP should they want to enforce their ideology onto me.  Most wars are created because of religion and we have ALL got to learn to live with each other, and respect each other’s faith.   I am not religious, I don’t go to church and when I die I want an internment and I definitely don’t want a Vicar, who I don’t know and who I have never met, standing there and saying what a good old girl I was.  But that is my belief, my choice.. and I respect the fact  that I don’t have the right to enforce that kind of thinking on to you or anyone else.  I don’t have the right to enforce my beliefs onto  a Muslim person, or even another Christian.

FFS.. this world is ****up enough, do we have to **** it up even more.

Cameron in his statement went on to say:

And the fact that our communities will unite in doing this was vividly demonstrated…

…by the brave cub pack leader – Ingrid Loyau-Kennett – who confronted one of the attackers on the streets of Woolwich yesterday afternoon.

When told by the attacker that he wanted to start a war in London…

…she replied “You’re going to lose. It’s only you versus many.”

She spoke for us all.

But a war on the streets of London was nearly created last night.. when the EDL gathered at the Town Hall in Woolwich in a standoff with Police…  His creating a war on the streets of London, in my opinion, was not him actually creating more mayhem, but by his actions being the blue touch paper that would get all of these far right groups and extremists attacking each other.

In Essex a Mosque was attacked and also a Mosque in Canterbury Street Gillingham… that is the kind of war these monsters want… they want us to turn on the good Muslims and tarnish every ethnic group with the same brush as extremists.

I sat here gobsmacked after watching that Luton video.. I didn’t know what to think for a minute.. I was disgusted that a group of people wanted our Police to burn in hell.. I was disgusted that a group of people said that because I would not live my life under Islamic rule I would burn in hell..

Does that make me want to run out and join the BNP or the EDL.. no because in my opinion they are no better than the groups they proclaim they are against.   But it did start to make me think hard about how are we going to combat this extremism especially if groups, like the group in Luton, are allowed to march and shout such anti slogans at our democracy and way of life.

The world is turning into a real sad place…. and to be perfectly honest.. I think if I was a lot younger and child-free, I don’t know whether I would want to bring a child into this world… to me the world is getting less and less safe as each day passes.

Resentment is one thing that will get any person’s emotions running high?  Last night I read a story about an ex-soldier being told he can’t have the St. George’s cross painted on his own front door.  A door which has stood for 10 years with the St. George cross on it.. The Daily Mail reports:

The 52-year-old former soldier painted the red and white symbol on his front door in 2003 yet only now have his landlords decided it is ‘offensive’ and must go.

He has 14 days to remove it – or face eviction.

Mr Rolfe, who served in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, said: ‘I’ve had this for ten years and nobody has said anything until now.

‘My landlords, Places for People, sent me a letter saying it could be deemed offensive, and that I was breaking my agreement over a nuisance.

‘I wrote back, asking for retrospective permission because it’s been there so long, but they weren’t interested.

‘I’m ex-forces and I’m proud to be English. I’m not in the EDL or any other racist group. I’m very angry about this, and I won’t be changing anything. I want my day in court.’

And it is things like this that gets people’s backs up… to me this is Political Correctness gone too far… We are allowed to wave our St George’s flag at the Queen’s Jubilee, we can wave them, have them attached to our cars and homes when England play football… we can wave them at the Royal Wedding… we can be as English as we want when an England Sporting Team is playing in a Football Match, a game of Cricket or stamping on each other whilst fighting for a Rugby ball.. but we can’t paint our front doors with it.

How can the St George’s Flag be offensive for a front door, but totally acceptable for a cup, plate, or flag or anything other item which it is printed or painted on?

I don’t know what the answers are.. but from where I am sitting.. I can’t see things improving in the not too distant future.



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