Woolwich Attack

TIncident-in-Woolwich-1904588oday blood returned to our streets, with the killing of a man in Woolwich.. at the moment there is no confirmation either way as to whether the young man killed was a soldier or not.  Tonight a mum has lost her son and a family are trying to come to terms with what has happened.

As much as we all love 24 hour rolling news.. I think now is the time for the news channels not to keep streaming the video of this murderer and the killer’s chilling words. The person who has lost their life has a family and they don’t need this kind of media coverage.. As despicable as this attack is and we all agree it was horrendous and barbaric, I do think it is time now to show some respect to the family.

There are reports coming in that two Mosques have been attacked, one in Kent and one in Essex.. There is also reports that the EDL are gathering at Woolwich Town Hall and are now in a stand-off with Police. Police who are, apart from trying to deal with a crime scene, are also having to deal with people from this right-wing organisations that want to cause more mayhem.  Doing exactly what they are supposed to be demonstrating against.

As chilling as these words are that was spoken by the thug…

We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. “We apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you”, one of the attacker was quoted on the camera.

cos that is what he is in my opinion… a mindless thug who murdered a British Soldier and tried to gain notoriety by playing the terrorist card… no way do I think this is a terrorist attack as we have seen before.  This is nothing like 7/7 or 9/11 and I think the media could be playing into the hands of this Jihadist ideology, by keep referring to this person as a terrorist.. he isn’t one he is a barbaric thug…. pure and simple.

A terrorist would have committed the offence and fled the scene, they would have wanted to live another day to carry out another terrorist attack …. they would NEVER have hung around in the street, begging onlookers to video them and they would not have waited for the Police to arrive.  This to me reminds me of thuggish behaviour and using the far extremist ideology to justify their actions..  A terrorist would have caused as much mayhem and carnage as possible.. these two were homicidal exhibitionsts and nothing more.

Tonight in two hospitals, NHS personnel are doing their jobs in a professional manner.. by saving lives and treating the wounded.. they are attending to these two thugs who have been shot by Police and they are doing this, knowing full well that earlier in the day, they committed a heinous crime..  Personally I would leave them to lay there in pain…

But one thing I just can’t get my head around and that is this.. how could anybody stand there and record this on their phone?  What is with society that they feel they want to record something like this on their phones… Technology is all good and well but to take pictures of a man who lays dead in the street decapitated.. seems just ghoulish to me.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim, his family and his friends. Rest in peace you will never be forgotten.


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  1. Ann says:

    Absolutely agree with all you say, well said.
    God bless this young man and his family who must be in terrible pain at not only losing their loved one but in having to deal in the manner in which his life ended, just shocking.


    1. Bren says:

      Call me a cynic or what.. but this keep pressing on people it was a terrorist attack by this Government… seems to me as if they have another agenda… What terrorist stands there and asks people to video what they have done? What terrorist is spoken to calmly by a member of the public?… What terrorist stands there waiting for the Police to arrive?

      You know this Government lost out big time to UKIP in the local elections.. and UKIP wanted to sort out extremism and immigration… and I am beginning to wonder if this could be DC’s attempt to say he is the guy to sort it out.. and using this as a possible election winner.

      This was no terrorist attack, this was cold-blooded murder and they were using extremist ideology as the reason to justify their actions.. If anything this was two sick minded individuals who decided to murder a soldier in cold blood.

      Hypothetically, if I decided to go out onto the streets and murder a person from another religion in the name of God, does that make me a terrorist… no… it makes me a bloody racist and cold blooded murderer.. Until racism works both ways.. nothing will be solved.. and if anything I would say this attack was more racist .


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