The responsibility of taking office

NCameronow we all know for a fact if you want to get ahead and become one of the top people in the game.. you have to work hard, play less and take responsibility for the office you are taking… If you want to run around, party and holiday, when your job requires your undivided attention, then you are not the person for the job.

Our world changed on Wednesday.. just like it did on September 11th 2001 and 7th July 2005.  Throughout my lifetime and yours no doubt.. we have all had to live with home-grown terrorism.  I can remember the days of IRA planting bombs on our streets and killing innocent people.  I really thought when the the peace process started to work, that would be the end of our days of terrorism… Little did I realise that we would have to face another form of terrorism, created by Islamic extremists.  Little did I realise that I would live to see the day when a soldier, whose duty was to serve his country, die on our streets in one of the most horrific and brutal attacks ever.

On Friday, we heard the emotional press conference given by the family of Lee Rigby. To watch this family broke my heart.. I don’t know about you, but as a mother, my heart broke… I thought of the fact that it could have been my son, who laid there on Wednesday.  And it could have been your son..

I was watching a report on BBC News, where a man said that they two thugs followed him on that very day, simply because he was dressed looking like a soldier to kill… when they realised he wasn’t a soldier, they went on looking for another target.

Also in the Indian TImes, are reports that weeks leading up to last Wednesday’s incident this pair had been on our streets looking for a target.

In a new revelation, a man, believed to be of Indian origin, has said he was on the brink of meeting the same fate as drummer Lee Rigby in the hands of the two killers.

The Woolwich killers – both Britons of Nigerian origin – went out hunting soldiers in weeks before attack, in the same area.

According to 46-year-old Paul Ramsamy, the pair confronted him after apparently mistaking him for a soldier because he was wearing combat trousers and boots. The incident took place in Greenwich as Ramsamy walked home.

The father of two, said the killers – Michael Adebowale (22) and Michael Adebolajo (28) had followed him.

He, however, had a lucky escape when the duo changed their mind after making aggressive gestures.

After seeing the two on television, Ramsamy realized how he had a lucky escape.

“They must have been hunting for soldiers to attack when they followed me. I realize now what a lucky escape I had. They followed me for about 50 metres and approached me together. They looked very serious, like they meant business. They looked at my camouflage trousers and boots. I then thought they just wanted me to buzz them into the flat block but that was obviously not the case,” Ramsamy told London Evening Standard.

Reprisal attacks are happening on our streets.. Faith Matters who average 6 calls a day, has received 162 calls with regards to anti-Muslim incidents.  David Cameron has now said that an Extremism Task Force is to set up to combat extremism, good it is about time something like this was created.. none of us want to see another incident like we witnessed on Wednesday.. Condemnation has come in from every faith… Muslims, condemned this murder and they have united with the people of all faiths in condemning this atrocious attack on Lee Rigby.  Muslims up and down the land have stated categorically this is not what Islam is about.. this is not their belief… and that the attack and murder of Lee Rigby is also an attack on their faith.

This weekend, with tensions already running high, there have been Marches by the EDL, in Newcastle and other areas… On Monday a massive march has been organised by the EDL in London.. Again our Police Force will be  in the midst of it… even though the EDL have asked for no violence… we know that there will be extremists from both sides of the argument that will want to cause as much mayhem as possible.

Now for the crux of this post… we need our leader, David Cameron, to take control of this situation… we need him to calm fears, we need him to be at the forefront of what could be a high emotive, and explosive situation that could ensue our streets, should trouble descend because of these marches.  Tensions are running high… and I fear it won’t take much to light the blue touch paper and we will be back to riots and carnage on our streets..

On the 23rd May 2012, David Cameron stood outside Number 10 and gave a speech… His final parting words were:

But one of the best ways of defeating terrorism is to go about our normal lives

And that is what we shall all do.

Little did I realise that his way of going on his his normal life is to jet off to Ibiza to join his party-going wife.  His place at the moment should be here back in the UK.. taking control of the situation.. not having a holiday..  So this week so far, we have had:

  • Wednesday – A soldier being beheaded on our streets
  • Friday – A distraught family, giving a press conference and speaking of their love for Lee Rigby and how they feel their hearts have been ripped out.
  • Saturday – The man who is charge of this country going on holiday

And if you think that is bad.. forget about turning to Labour, in hope they will get to grips with what could happen on our streets in the coming days, because their leader has decided to take his honeymoon in Europe.

Which leaves us with old Nicky boy in charge….. great…. NOT.


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