Film Review – The Next Three Days

TThe Next Three Dayshroughout the last week or so, Channel 5 have been trailing their film premiere of The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. A film about a man who is trying to prove his wife’s innocence in a murder case.

The trailer looked good and I decided that I was going to watch it, yep in peace and quiet.  Luckily on Sky they have Channel 5 +1 so at 10 o’clock last night, by luck hubby retired to bed a few minutes earlier and there was time for me to grab a coffee and sit down and watch this movie.

The story starts off with an argument in a restaurant between John Brennan’s wife (Lara) and another woman who they were dining with.  The next thing you know is that the Police arrive at their home and Lara is arrested for the murder of her boss, who she also had an altercation with at work.

Lara is sentenced to life in prison and John, her husband (Crowe), whilst being the sole carer of their son,  then does all in his power to try and get an appeal hearing in order to prove her innocence and that the original conviction is a miscarriage of Justice.  But without new evidence emerging, his bids to appeal to get a retrial fail.

The only option he has, as he believes his wife is innocent, is to spring her from jail.

John Brennan, who is a Professor at the community college then becomes obsessed with breaking Lara from Jail.  Even to the point where he breaks the law himself, by robbing a drug lord and setting fire to his meth lab.  Apart from having to be the sole custodian of his young son, John Brennan also has to deal with his wife’s attempted suicide whilst in prison and the fact that their son distances himself from Lara during prison visits.

So what did I think about the film?.. .. Well the plot was good and the acting was good, but it didn’t grip me as much as I thought it would do by the trailer, in fact I was expecting more courtroom drama.  And the film was clever enough to get you thinking that perhaps John Brennan was blinded by his belief that his wife was innocent.   At one stage I did think that there was going to be the twist to the film, with the conclusion being that John Brennan didn’t know his wife at all, when it would be revealed that she did in fact murder her boss.

His plan to spring her from prison, has to be accomplished within the next three days, as those three days will be Lara’s last three days at County Jail before her transfer to a State Penitentiary.

John brings his plan into action and frees Lara…. Meanwhile a cop who attempted to catch John Brennan returns to the original crime scene, where using his forensic skills finally pieces together what actually happened.

Do Lara, John and their son Luke, manage to escape the law?  Does the Detective find the evidence that proves that Lara was in fact innocent?

Sorry not going to tell you but at times I did find the film slow and lacking of action in places

Rating 3 Stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


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