Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

WBruce Almightyell today’s Daily Prompt is You’ve got the Power and WordPress asks You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?.  Well for a minute when I read the title I was going to be allowed to be Bruce Almighty for a day but no such luck.

So thinking hard about this, cos I have so many laws I would love to make..some good and some daft.. and one of them would be that either Tescos have to widen their aisles and have a one-way system or people with mobility scooters have to take a driving obstacle course around aisles and shopping centres.  Honestly the times I have nearly been run-over is no man’s business.

But the law I would pass would have to be The Political Common Sense Correction Act of 2013.  A law where politicians, especially Prime Ministers have to speak sense and on failing to do so, will be put in the stocks for a week for everyone to throw squashy tomatoes at.

For a start, there should be stocks at the end of Downing Street and across Westminster Bridge with government funded tomato sellers handing out free over-ripened tomatoes to passers by.

Pray, I hear you saying, why do we need this law?

Well firstly we had Iain (I can live on £53 a week) Dopey Sod, adding extra stress to people who are already suffering a debilitating illness, with threats of cutting their benefits and making working people think that people with illnesses are nothing but scroungers.

Then we had George Osborne, giving mortgage breaks to people wanting to buy their own home, only to find that it also covered the wealthy and they could profit from the system that was supposed to help the poor get onto the housing ladder. Yes you guessed it the tax-breaks would also benefit the rich who want to buy second homes.   FFS some people can’t afford a first home yet alone buy a second.

Next we had, William Hague standing there telling people we need to arm the rebels in Syria.. please, give me a break.   How the hell do you know whose hands these weapons are going to land in?  Common sense tells you that the likes of Al Qaeda must have infiltrated these groups.  So by arming the rebels we are also arming terrorists.

And as for David Cameron, well he would have his own set of personalised stocks.. yes right outside  number 10 gates… why?  Well apart from I don’t like the smarmy git… I think it is a disgrace and hypocritical when he stands there and speaks about world poverty and how it should not exist.  Perhaps he would like to tell that to the people in this country, who in the 21st Century, are having to rely on food banks.

So I vote for the Political Common Sense Correction Act of 2013.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey, you stole one of my ideas. Only I wouldn’t have President Obama in stocks, I’d go all-out and put the entire U.S. Congress in stocks so we could throw rotten tomatoes at them!


    1. Bren says:

      Sorry for nicking your idea 😀 what with the British Government and Congress in the stocks, perhaps we should invest in the tomato industry. 😀


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