The naff ending of The Fall

Nthe fallow we are all used to the cops getting their man.. yes with every police drama series, the cops win and the baddie ends up in jail and the world is a safer place until the next serial killer hits the screens.

For the past few weeks, even though we have been watching it a day later, due to what we watch on Monday nights, we have engrossed ourselves in the BBC 2 Police Drama series The Fall.

I have to say, Gillian Anderson has played the part of DSI Stella Gibson well and I liked the character of this ice-cold detective. Mind you at times her mannerisms still reminded me of her character Dana Scully in the X-Files.

So last night, 24 hours later, and a whole day of not reading the reviews of the finale of the The Fall, we sat down, with BBC Iplayer and watched the final episode.

Last week’s penultimate episode left us with a cliffhanger, as to whether the baddie would escape and whether his victim would survive and be able to give a description of her assailant.

Midway during this episode, DSI Stella Gibson, stood in the corridor, with Paul Spector making his way to her, before being escorted from the building, which left me wondering whether he was going to try and murder her next.  But alas no.. with only minutes to go, we are then faced with Paul Spector making a phone call to DSI Gibson, talking about his crimes .. when he mentioned the red nail varnish she was wearing and whether it was for his attention.

Now I don’t know about you but why this sharp-thinking intelligent detective did not realise that the man being escorted from the building could be the killer, when he mentioned the nail varnish I don’t know.  But the penny didn’t drop there and then, otherwise there would have been a mass of Police cars descending on the address Paul Spector had given the cops and the streets of Northern Ireland would have been safe once again.

So there we were waiting in anticipation, for the moment to arrive when the misogynistic serial killer Paul Spector, played by Jamie Dornan would end up behind bars for good, only to feel let down at the turn of events that led to Paul Spector evading the Police and driving off into the distance with his family in the car.   So there we have this family man, admitting to his wife about having an affair with an underage girl (another lie) after his wife wants to know why he asked her to lie to the Police for him… and what does his wife do?.. Oh yes leaves him and then ends up making love to him… come on get real.  Not forgetting the fact that he torched his own car at a scrap yard to get rid of the evidence.. and still his wife doesn’t question where his car is?

With the final scene of the series, being shot back at the hospital where DSI Gibson is looking at the e-fit that didn’t look like him at all and listening to his chilling call again, when Gibson is informed that his latest victim has now regained consciousness… roll credits.

We now know there is going to be a second series and yes I will watch the next series, which was only confirmed as being commissioned at the end of May.

Whether the second series will continue with the Paul Spector storyline or whether he will make another appearance during the course of the next series, I don’t know… but personally I thought it was a naff ending to a series… and the series ended rather lamely, with last week’s cliffhanger being more gripping and wondering if he was going to get caught or whether he would manage to escape.

All I can say it would have been a very disappointing ending to a drama series, if there was not going to be another series.  Perhaps in the next series they can tie up the loose ends left and the cops get their man…


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  1. raffydarko says:

    Everyone saw her painted nails when she was on TV, not just Spector in the corridor.


  2. raffydarko says:

    – Everyone on TV saw her painted nails, not just Spector in the corridor.
    – The car wasn’t his own but a stolen one.
    – I liked that his wife, although disgusted and disappointed, doesn’t leave him. In real life things like this are complicated. Especially when you have 2 children together and another one coming – Sally clearly tells him she doesn’t want the kids to grow up without a father.


    1. Bren says:

      I didn’t know the car was a stolen one.. it was parked outside his home and was wheel clamped. As for the nails we don’t know, because when Stella took over at the press conference the camera then went to the father collapsing in the the corridor we don’t know if she actually showed her nails or not.

      No offence here, but I don’t know if I would want any man near my kids who allowed himself to (albeit a lie) molest an underage girl. I think what drove Sally to stick with him, was his threat that he would go on the Sex Offenders Register and she could lose her job. I think it was more emotional blackmail than anything else.


  3. raffydarko says:

    She did show her nails when holding the paper sheet in her hands. That’s what she had in mind when she painted them. 🙂

    I think she said that *he* could lose his job. Anyway it’s a complicated situation (in that case they’d have just one income for 5 people). I also think of the shame for the whole family if people heard about the affair, true or not.

    Sorry for the double post!


    1. Bren says:

      I have just watched those scenes on BBC I Player and she definitely didn’t show her nails at the press conference and he said to Sally that he could go to prison and probably would be on the Sex Offenders Register and that could affect her job.

      As for the car being stolen, well it used that car to go to the Police Station and if my memory serves me correctly he also used the same car when he went to visit his client who was suffering from a child bereavement.

      Even when Sally was sitting at the table in the kitchen/diner she said it was called “grooming” when he spoke about how the affair started and how they spoke on Youtube.

      I think he realised that the game was up, when they took his DNA sample at the Police Station. His last victim was still tied up and his DNA could have been found at the scene, hence his actions in burning the car and getting his wife to cover for him with the Police.

      However, I still think it was a naff ending to a superb drama… with the second series being commissioned the writers can reprieve themselves in the next series. But should the second series had not been commissioned then it was rather a lame and naff ending.


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