Film Review – Flight

OFlightne of the films that has been at the top of our agenda to watch is Flight… starring Denzel Washington. Every film we have watched starring Denzel Washington has always been gripping and his excellent acting skills bring the best to the characters he plays.. ranging from a Journo in the Pelican Brief to the quadriplegic homicide detective, in the Bone Collector.

Without ruining the film, Denzel plays an airline pilot with a drink and drugs problem and not forgetting the problems that an ex wife and estranged son bring to his life.  Whatever it takes to fly he will do..  including sniffing coke to get him out of his drunken stupor. He can’t imagine life without his wings and flying is his life..

However, one flight goes wrong, and an accident happens… his actions saved the lives of the almost all of the passengers and cabin crew..  Throughout his convalescence and having to face up to the accident investigation hearing, his troubles come to a head, where drink is his only companion.  Attempts to stay on the wagon fail.. and even though his friends help him to face the hearing in the best state of mind, events beyond his control take over..

Was his actions responsible for the crash that killed 6 people?  Or did his actions during that fateful flight stopped an even more tragic event happening?

And will he finally admit to his problems or will he allow one of those killed in the tragic accident to take the blame?  Can Whip Whitaker tell another lie or is this his breaking point where he realises that he can’t lie no more and he has to take stock of his alcohol and drug addiction?  Does Whip walk away from the hearing a free man and free from blame and back to the world of flying whilst under the influence of  alcohol and drugs?

We found the film, entertaining and I would highly recommend it. Mind you the film does put another meaning on turbulence 😀

Rating 4 Stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


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