Film Review – Die Hard 5

NDie Hard 5ow you either love John McClane or you hate him.. personally I love him… we all know that no man could face as many scrapes as John does and live to tell the tell.. but that is what the movies are all about.. fiction.. shoot-em ups and storylines that grip you yet make you laugh at the same time.

Well tonight we watched Die Hard 5, and I am disappointed.. yep sorry John McClane was not the same.. he was not as witty as he was with Samuel Jackson in Die Hard 3, or Justin Long in Die Hard 4.

From the moment John McClane stepped onto our screens, with his white t-shirt that ends up blooded soaked by the end of the film, you just sit there waiting for the line, “Yippee ki yay M*therF*cker”.  Which is delivered eventually in Die Hard 5… after a long wait.

In the first Die Hard Film, which I have to say I am not a great fan of, we get to know the man behind John McClane, and what lengths he will go to to protect his family…   Behind the shoot-em up cop lies a man who is more estranged from his wife with every film.. his relationships with his kids… well the divide gets wider and wider until they see their father for what he is.. someone that loves them and will do all he can to protect them.

In Die Hard 2, his wife is on one of those flights that is destined to fall from the sky.. should the airport not re-open due to terrorist activity.  John McClane again saves the day..

In Die Hard 3, which is my favourite.. his rapport with Samuel L Jackson who plays Zeus.. really brings the film to life.  With their trek against all odds across the streets of New York, to find the terrorist who, threatens to blow one of the schools in New York City to finding out that  it is all about a heist to rob City Hall of its gold.. we get to see great acting between Jackson and Willis.

Then came Die Hard 4, which introduced us to John McClane’s daughter, only this time he has to protect a computer geek and save the world from a cyber crime..  again I would say this film joins Die Hard 3 as one of my favourites.

But unfortunately, in Die Hard 5, which introduces us to his estranged son.. there didn’t seem the chemistry. Yes he was trying to save his son.. but it was lacking the real John McClane.. we had shoot-em ups… car chases and blood stained t-shirts.. but something was missing.. perhaps the film needed another character.. someone that both father and son had to save… someone character that forced son and father to work together against all odds.

Yes I will watch it again.. but not as often as I watch Die Hard 3 or 4.. now off to watch Die Hard 2 on Channel 4…. oh it has been a Die Hard weekend… 😀

Rating 2 Stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star


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