Talk to the hand – What a prat…

Talk to the handNow lets get the apologies over with.. first of all sorry for not blogging for a while, but to be honest I haven’t felt up to blogging.. You see when I went to the hospital back in June they changed my medication and put me on Methotrexate and Folic Acid.. As you can well imagine there were side effects and apart from making me feel real groggy, they took the go out of me. But slowly as time is progressing my body is getting used to this horrible medication and I feel the interest coming back into my passion for blogging.

Now that brings me onto my favourite subject.. you know the one? Surely by now you have guessed that this leader of the Tory Government does make my blood boil. Yes David ‘dishface’ Cameron and his side kick Iain ‘I can live on £53 a week’ Dopey Sod … sorry Duncan Smith are two people that when on the TV gives me this burning desire to throw the remote at them.

Knocked off sunglassesI don’t know what it is about them.. but they ain’t in touch with real life are they?.. And if Dishface Cameron thinks by wearing replica knock-off sunglasses is going to make him one of the people and get me into believing we are all in this together.. sorry chum you are wrong.

Knocked off sunglasses 😀 Sorry but his lame attempts at trying to be the guy next door are just that lame… seriously did he think his Ray Beri glasses were going to make him dressed to impress?  Well if he did… he should think again.

Actually, after the news this week that he will be getting an £11,000 pay rise.. made me think of him look as more of a cheapskate.

Anyway where was I?

Oh yes.. hospitals and illness. Well my last visit to Medway was a real eye-opener.. when I arrived in the Rheumatology Department it was standing room only.. Yes every seat was taken and even the area used for the fracture clinic didn’t have a spare seat. I thought either there had been a massive emergency or some of the Doctors had gone out sick..

But no.. the reason was that some of the clinics booked that day, had DOUBLE booked appointments, which lead to some of the patients having to wait over an hour and a half after their appointment time before they were seen.. Apparently it was to clear some backlog… so one of the patients told me.

I thought that was it.. I am going to have a long wait but by luck my consultant was running just 15 mins over his time, as he was not in the double-booked consultants list.

What in earth possessed a hospital to double book patients into one appointment time, I don’t know.. Surely to double book one patient could be an error, but a whole clinic?  Eventually when I got home I did say to my family.. that bloody hospital is badly run..  and it really does need someone in to bring it up to standards.

Anyway that was back in June..

Then earlier this week it was announced that there was 14 hospitals that were listed in the Keogh Report about hospitals that were in dire straights and needed expert teams to be brought in to bring them up to scratch.. That was it.. I looked at the old man and said…. “I bet Medway is in the list”.

And I was right… Medway Hospital is one of the 14 hospitals named in the Keogh Review Final Report.

Well it didn’t surprise me at all. And it is not just a new thing for Medway Hospital.. there has always been long waiting times for appointments.. there has always been the long wait in A & E before you get seen… and there has always been the traditional paper pushers.. walking around the corridors holding a bit of paper and trying to look bloody busy.

So what did our delectable Dishface have to say about the hospital crisis… oh yes he said this about previous governments:

Don’t give us the bad news, I don’t want to know. You know talk to the hand the government doesn’t want to hear.

Sorry chum.. but you have been in power for 3 bloody years.. this has happened on your watch as well as on the watch of the previous government. And ‘he said she said’ announcement in the House of Commons the other day.. was pathetic… Government ministers and opposition acting like children in a playground arguing over who had the biggest conker.. It was disgraceful. People have lost their lives due to failing hospitals … and you lot sit there jeering at each other with your pathetic comments trying to score points off of each other. This is people’s lives you were discussing. People who have been in hospital and have not received the level of care they should have received which eventually led to their loss of life.

The doctors and nurses are being put under tremendous pressure, every day, to deliver a quality of service with less and less resources. They are overworked, underpaid and must be bloody fed up to the back teeth of Governments that sit there thinking up the next set of targets and hospital league tables. When they went into medicine they went in to that line of work, because they wanted to help people. They wanted to save lives and they wanted to do what they could for people who are ill.. people who needed life saving treatment.. they didn’t enter this to become bloody bureaucrats.

So Dishface.. after your knocked off sunglasses and talk to the hand comment.. all I can say is you are nothing but a bloody prat in my eyes.


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  1. Good post! We are linking to this particularly great post on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you


  2. ANON says:

    He’s down with the kidz tho, innit?


    1. Bren says:

      Down with the kidz. 😀 I am sure the kids of today will be well behaved from now on.. Dishface is bound to ruin their street cred… 😀


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