Myra Hindley – The Untold Story…

LMyra Hindleyast night Channel 5 aired a documentary about the Moors Murderer Myra Hindley.. and it was about her untold story..  One of people who gave an insight into Myra Hindley and the life that Myra Hindley led, was Duncan Staff.  Staff after Myra’s death was given access to her papers, which he analysed and wrote a book called The Lost Boy.

Staff wrote this in a Guardian article dated 2th June 2013:

The Moors murderers were sentenced to life in 1966 for the killings of Lesley Ann Downey, 10, John Kilbride, 12, and Edward Evans, 17. The police on the case knew that there were more victims but the feeling was that the justice system had done its job. Myra Hindley and Ian Brady had gone down for life, and they weren’t coming out.

Ian Brady’s photographs were central to the proceedings at Chester Assizes. The prosecution counsel described those he took by the graves of John Kilbride and Lesley Ann Downey as “tombstones of your making”.

After Myra Hindley’s death, I was given access to her papers, which I analysed for my book, The Lost Boy. Her unpublished autobiography confirmed that the photographs were part of a system for recording where all of the bodies were buried. Concealing his victims’ remains was part of Ian Brady’s plan to commit the perfect murder, a validation of the “world above” that he had created with Myra Hindley.

During the documentary last night, her papers were referred to quite a bit.. and it is clear that Myra Hindley did come from a dysfunctional family.  Her father regularly beat her mother and Myra herself followed in his footsteps at a very early age, with violence being the answer to everything.

The only empathy that Myra showed was when her best friend, Michael died in a swimming accident and she blamed herself for not being there and saving him.  One scene from the documentary showed Myra crying as she saw him laying in his coffin at his mother’s house.

People who knew Myra were interviewed, including her best friend at School and the widow of David Smith, who had previously been married to Myra’s sister Maureen.  Smith died at the age of 64 on the 5th May 2012.  Although Hindley tried to convince people Smith was Brady’s partner in crime.. it was Smith himself who alerted the Police, after Smith witnessed Brady batter Edward Evans with an axe.  Smith in fear of Brady helped clean up the crime scene but on returning home told, Maureen, Myra’s sister, about the killing and they both went to a phone box and called the Police.

So Myra Hindley came from a dysfunctional family… well so do many other kids… but they don’t turn into serial killers, do they?  As dysfunctional family as it maybe, there is no excuse for what Myra Hindley did and there will NEVER be any justification for the crimes they committed. She didn’t do these killings as a child, she did them as an adult.. An adult who should have known right from wrong.

After the programme, which next week, tells the story of the those who were killed, the impression I got was that Myra Hindley was blaming everyone except herself.  She blamed her father for her violent streak.. she blamed Brady for controlling her and enticing her to commit the perfect murder… In fact Hindley blamed everyone except herself.

During the programme, Hindley was referred to as “an unusual person”.  ‘An unusual person’ my ass.. she was nothing but a sick evil bitch.. who I hope is rotting in hell.  As for Brady well he is 10 times more evil than Hindley…  and a bloody coward.

BradyThe money that has been spent on his appeal recently, in which he wanted to go back to prison in order to continue his hunger strike, is no man’s business.  And we know that his legal costs, which the taxpayer pays for are at least £250K so god knows what the total cost of that appeal was?

Well as for his hunger strike, hunger strike my ass, even though he forced fed.. according to the appeal hearing Brady makes himself toast and drinks soup..

Brady just wanted his moment in the public limelight again.. and we gave him it.. Personally I think that appeal should have been heard in private and the only notification given by the press was that his appeal had been rejected.  Deny this man what he wants.. that is what punishment is all about.

Brady, is a control freak, he wanted to hold the public to ransom again.  And he got his chance with this appeal… And Brady has kept himself in the news, with stories now emerging what he proclaims that he killed even more people.

In the letters, written to former journalist Brendan Pittaway and seen by The Daily Telegraph, Brady claims to have killed four adults as well as the five children.

He said he killed a man on “waste ground behind the station” and a woman “in the canal” in Manchester, while in Scotland he said he murdered a man in Glasgow and another “above Loch Long”. He described each of the new murders as “happenings”. Brady, 75, also made the claims several years ago to Detective Chief Superintendent Peter Topping, who led the search for the body of Keith Bennett in 1985.

All Winnie Johnson wanted to do before she died, was to lay her son, Keith Bennett, to rest.  She begged, prayed, and pleaded with Brady to tell her where Keith was buried.. In a letter dated back to 1989, Brady tells journalist Brendan Pittaway that Keith Bennett is buried in Yorkshire and not Lancashire.  Like Hindley Brady never has shown any remorse, compassion or empathy for his victims. And Brady knows that all the family of Keith Bennett want is to lay him to rest… and he will never relinquish that hold he has… To deny this family in his eyes, means he has the power.

Should Brady be allowed to return to prison to die?… I am on the fence on that one.. firstly why give this man what he wants.. but secondly, why should our taxes be used to keep this bloody monster alive and thirdly, should the debate now be open about capital punishment.. You know the likes of Hindley and Brady, truthfully, I don’t think I would’ve lost a night’s sleep if they had hung the pair of them from a piece of rope, the evil pair.


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  1. Monica Godwin says:

    If they had been hung, then Pauline Reade’s body was still be undiscovered like Keith Bennett’s is! The only reason I’m glad that they avoided the death penalty.


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