Film Review – Jack Reacher

Njack reacherow I have a motto.. if there are no Brucie films to watch.. then a bit of Tom will do just nicely. And when I mention Brucie, I don’t mean the one that waited a lifetime to get knighted and has that catchphrase that makes you grit your teeth. You know the one, “Nice to see you, to see you nice.”

Yes Tom plays the hero once again.. a smart alec homicide investigator who investigates the case of a homicide where 5 innocent victims are slaughtered by a trained sniper.

Without giving the plot away too much.. I know there has been some criticism of Tom being given this role.. Apparently by all accounts, the character of Jack Reacher was supposed to be 6ft tall… but honestly those few inches make no difference.. as Tom throws himself into the role and again acts the role perfectly.

jack-reacher-tv-spot-guns-cruiseOf course there always has to be the usual damsel in distress that our hero has to  save.  A Tom film without some kind of spark with the opposite sex wouldn’t be a Tom film now would it?  I have to admit the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike is not too bad and you do wonder throughout the film whether the usual love scene will emerge.. but I am not going to spoil things for you… watch the film.

2012-12-22-reacher_groupThen there is Robert Duvall, who always brings the characters he plays to life, no matter what film he stars in… An actor you know and love. And who could ever forget him playing the part of Spurgeon Tanner in Deep Impact… I know I couldn’t.. he brought a tear to my eye as he whispered to his late wife, Mary’s picture that he is finally coming home.

Yes gun-toting Duvall is the person that Jack turns to for help.. will Jack reacher find the real killer.. and the reason why those 5 killings took place? Will Cruise and Pike, fall into each other’s arms and declare their undying love for each other?

Well you will have to watch the film.. to find out.

But all in all I think this film, is a good thriller… and yes I would recommend it..

The only thing is this, like all these shoot-em-up films, pray tell me why these people proclaim to be super-shots and marksmen and yet they release massive rounds of bullets and shoot at everything in sight with hails and hails of bullet,  not to hit a bloody thing until the final shot.. when they manage to do the most damage and bring the climax of the film to an end.

Rating 4 Stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


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