Myra Hindley – The Untold Story – Part II

DBrady1o I watch it or don’t I?  To be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch the episode that was about their killings..

But how can you watch a documentary and pick and choose what parts you want to watch.. You have to watch all of the story, even the bits that you don’t want to, in order to get the full picture.

However, throughout this series we have to remind ourselves that this is the story as told by Myra Hindley in her papers that were passed onto journalist Duncan Staff after her death.

And therefore what is told in those papers, is sure to make her look more like another victim then the real perpetrator.  And yes that is how the second episode came across… as if Myra was coerced into this gruesome killing spree because of her fear of Brady. The hold he had on her.. how he one minute would want to be with her and then cast her aside, was truly astounding.  Whether she was frightened of him or not, I don’t know, but as soon as Brady said, “Jump,” Myra would say, “How high.”

During one of those times of break-up, just after their first murder, Myra became romantically involved with a Policeman, which included a sexual relationship.  in fact I think it was some kind of turn-on for her to be involved with a copper knowing what she had done… it was like some sick fantasy in her mind. The thought of her being a killer and sleeping with a policeman seemed to excite her.  But as soon as Brady wanted her to go back to him.. she broke it off with the copper after one last romp, and returned to Brady, with both of them continuing on their path of sadistic killings.

Myra HIndley was as bad as Brady, if not worse…. if she had been coerced into the first murder in which she states that Brady told her if she had backed out she would have been in that grave as well, then why the hell didn’t she raise the alarm and end it there and then… and tell the Police, what had happened, the moment she was away from Brady.

But no Myra HIndley in her sick mind, must have got some sick self-gratification from the evil acts she committed with Brady, enticing young children to their death.

As one of those interviewed said.. “Kids were warned about men.. but they were never warned about women”.. which made Myra Hindley the ideal person, in Brady’s eyes to pick up their victims.

As I child, I can remember having family living in Manchester.. and when those children started to disappear, parents became worried.. children were watched like hawks.. and whole communities lived in fear and I can remember hearing my parents talk to my aunts and uncles about the moors murders, when Brady and Hindley were finally caught.

If Myra’s brother in law, David Smith, had not made that call that early morning… I dread to think of how many more lives would have been lost… And in Wednesday’s episode you saw David telling Myra’s sister, Maureen, what he had witnessed and how hard it was for her to believe her sister was involved in what had happened and how Myra was not just involved but played a major part of what was going on.

These two, Brady and HIndley, as far as I am concerned should have hung from the ends of rope… after hearing how they killed their victims and what they put their victims through.. somehow I wish the bloody death penalty had still been around for them.

Next week, is Part III of the documentary on Channel 5 and it is about their time in jail.. how they communicated and gave coded messages to each other and how each of them tried to blame the other.

I just hope she is living in hell and as soon as Brady joins her I hope they both rot in hell.


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