Twitter Button – Will it work?

Ntwitter-adds-report-abuse-buttonow after witnessing first hand the abuse on Twitter I did wonder how long before something would be introduced, where people can report directly from a tweet that they are being abused.

Yes Twitter have had a report abusive user forms to fill in, but unless you have the link saved as a bookmark you have to keep finding the relevant page in order to report someone.

So will the new report button work?

As much as I hope it does work, something is telling me it will be a failure… mainly due to the unprecedented reports that I suspect Twitter will receive.

Abuse on social networking sites, seem to be part of signing up.. Someone who disagrees with you will often resort to name calling or just posting abuse… I can tell you, abuse is prevalent on Twitter, just take a look at the #McCann tag on Twitter and you will see, the amount of abuse not just directed between tweeters, but the abuse and persecution of the parents of a missing child and their friends.

Celebrities, sports stars, even rape victims have been abused by people who sign up with a pseudonym thinking that they are totally untraceable as well as those that sign up in their own name.

People do have various accounts on twitter… I have my BrenR1958 on and my RyanPhotography twitter account.  And this is not breaking twitter rules.. People like to keep their business account separate from their personal account, which is totally acceptable.

To be threatened with rape or to be threatened with violence is breaking the law.. whether it be online or face to face.. but unfortunately unless a whole new cyber police force is going to be created that can continually monitor and prosecute each case, then I am afraid nothing will change with a report button. The amount of abuse on the likes of twitter doesn’t just mean a few people attacking others, there are hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of tweets that could be described as potential criminal activity.

How the hell do you monitor that kind of activity?

One downfall of adding a report button, could be that some people on twitter don’t like you and like bullies in the playground at their local infant school, they gang up and report every tweet you make.. eventually twitter will be under such pressure that it won’t be able to cope with the amount of reports coming into them.

A lot of people on Twitter use their real identity.. whilst others say they use an alias in order to protect their real identity.  Facebook, has a rule you have to use your real identity in order to use their social networking platform..  And if you are reported, you have to give a telephone number to Facebook in order for them to reactivate your account.

Facebook, use algorithms to stop certain postings getting through onto people’s walls and news feeds. Would Twitter be better using this kind of algorithm?

Louise Mensch speaking on Sky News yesterday, said we have to change the culture of Twitter… She also said that there is far too many tweets being posted on Twitter for any system to cope… Yes a report button is a good thing.. but perhaps it also needs to be pointed out that malicious use of using the report button will get you banned.

Twitter can suspend accounts, but there is nothing stopping people signing up for another account.. All they need is a throwaway email address and bingo within seconds they are back on Twitter.

The internet in my opinion should be an extension of the real you.. people definitely would not act face to face with people as they do when posting tweets that either attack or abuse another tweeter.  I have seen tweets made by people, in which they tell another user to “F*ck off and die”.

If you went into your local pub and said that to someone in the crowd, you would probably be getting a nice view of the ceiling.  So why do people find it acceptable to do this on the internet?  Perhaps it is time to really sit down and discuss, anonymous users on the internet, should they be forced to give their real details to the likes of Twitter, albeit in private? Should they be forced to provide a telephone number so a code can be issued in order to activate their account?…  People wouldn’t go into their local and pretend to be another person would they? So why do we find it acceptable on the likes of Twitter? Perhaps if people had to use their real identity and their real identity was known to the service provider, they might just think twice about what they post, especially if they knew that the service providers were working closely with the Police to bring successful prosecutions to those who incite violence or a criminal activity.


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  1. British and Proud of It says:

    I never used to be in favour of having to identify yourself to sites properly but I am now of the opinion that that is the best way forward. There really is no reason especially in this country (UK) that such a system should not operate. Everybody when registering for sites should be required to give full ID. After all you do it when buying a cinema ticket, when joining a gym, when paying for shopping etc so why not when joining web sites? What is the difference?

    Another thought is that if I was to send a series of just a few dozen anonymous letters (never mind the tens of thousands of tweets that some people send) abusing another person by Royal Mail, then the police would soon be involved. Why should they not be involved in the same way to deal with campaigns of harassment on Twitter and Facebook?


    1. Bren says:

      I used to feel the same, and I thought people felt more secure by not exposing their real ID on the internet.. but to be honest, even if they use a Pseudonym with their account at least their real ID is held by the likes of Twitter and Facebook. It just might make people think twice about posting such vile things about others.

      I think people think to themselves if I send that physically via Royal Mail, I can be traced.. DNA could be taken from the envelope, post markings would be visible.. hence they think twice.. but being the internet, you are sitting there in the safety of your own home and think because you are anonymous, nobody is going to trace you because nobody knows you.


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