Myra Hindley – The Untold Story Part III

WMyra Hindleyednesday night was the concluding part in the documentary about Myra Hindley and her untold story.

This episode concentrated on the capture of Hindley and Brady and their arrest, trial and prison sentence.

However, I was shocked… why?

Simply because these two were allowed to communicate with one another and write about their sick, wild fantasies about killing children.  These two were in prison for heinous crimes, they should have been monitored and I don’t know what you think, but letters like that should NEVER EVER, leave a prisoner’s cell and if they do, they should be sent to the shredder and not to the addressee.

Brady had told Hindley in one of his letters to her, to get a girlfriend.. to which she replied back that she already had one.  When Hindley finally broke off all contact with Brady, Brady, waited years and in 1985, Brady confessed to two more murders, that of Keith Bennett and Pauline Reade.  Both Hindley and Brady returned to the Moors under Police escort and the only body found was that of Pauline Reade.

Myra Hindley, was a tough cookie, that there is no doubt… she knew she was going to be a target in prison and she coped with that.. she was manipulative and even according to this documentary, had a love affair with a female prison guard, Patricia Cairns.

During HIndley’s time in prison and during her affair with the Prison Officer Patricia Cairns a plan was hatched for Hindley to escape and her and Cairns would go to South America.  With the help of another inmate, Maxine Croft, in 1973, using bars of soap the keys to Holloway Prison, provided by Cairns, were moulded into the soap and Croft was originally going to take these to her contact on her day release from prison.

The plan was for Cairns, to put these moulds into a locker at Paddington Station and for Croft to pick them up and take them to her contact.  However due to IRA bomb scares, Paddington station was not taking packages.. so Cairns, made her way to Euston station and sent this parcel by post to Croft’s contact, when she saw Officers checking people’s luggage and panicked.

Due to her being scared at Euston station, the contact who received this parcel also became concerned that the package could be a suspected bomb and an off-duty police officer to open the package and the plot was foiled.

Upon Cairns arrest, and searching her home, officers found photographs of Myra posing in her cell, as well as letters, and a false Driving Licence in the name of Myra Spencer. Hindley had previously changed her name by deed poll.

The plan for Cairns and Hindley to escape to South America was foiled and Cairns was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Myra campaigned from Prison to be released, and Lord Longford was one of those that campaigned for her release.  Myra Hindley was never released from prison and she died in prison due to complications from a chest infection.

The documentary also showed how the Police found the suitcases that David Smith had previously taken to a station locker.  Inside these cases were the tapes of the torture of Lesley Ann Downey.  There were lots of photographs of the Moors and with the testimony of Smith and what Brady had told him, the Police finally realised that the pictures they were looking at were possible locations for where their victim’s bodies were buried.

To hear Lesley’s step-father say that to this day, he can never get over hearing that tape…  and says he can’t sleep at night and the nightmare never leaves him especially her voice pleading for her life, made me want to cry..   I just can’t imagine the pain these families have gone through.. pain that will remain with them until the day they die.

To this date, Keith Bennett’s body has never been found.. All the other victims have been laid to rest and Winnie Johnson, until her death, pleaded with Brady to tell her where her son was so that she could bury him before she died, but that b***tard never did tell a grieving mother where her child was.

During her time in prison Hindley had several supporters, one of those being Lord Longford. But even he eventually was snubbed by HIndley.  One of the major shocks that

Lord Longford who had supported Hindley for 20 years even to the point of ruining his own career, suddenly was ostracised by her and his prison visiting orders stopped arriving in the post..  Hindley didn’t want anything to do with him and that was it… she cut off ties.. Longford however still supported and campaigned for a total of 35 years and argued her case, even though there was no contact between them.  Longford died in 2001.

Hindley was in contact with Duncan Staff and he writes this in a Guardian article dated October 2006 this about her cutting off ties with Longford.

“Frank has been a pestilential pain in the neck over the years with his ‘campaigning’ and he glories in the publicity himself. God help me; he wrote an article a couple of months ago which was published in the Catholic Herald, and was over the moon because they offered him a column once a month where, he said, he can write whatever he wants about me to promote my cause. God knows I’ve caused so much suffering in my life, but this is a cross that I can well do without!”

Hindley found Longford was becoming a pain to her and a liability.. and she said this about him, when he had fallen from her grace.

“It is a task even beyond Hercules to gag Frank Longford… if the dangerous dogs act was still in force, I’d take it upon myself to muzzle him.”

Hindley died in November 2002… all I can say good riddance… and I hope she rots in hell.

Form this documentary alone, you can see she is a hard-faced manipulative person… she knew what she was doing.. and she knew damn well what Brady was like… and she got off on committing sick acts against her victims… she didn’t care how much they pleaded for their life and she didn’t care who they were.. she was not a victim of Brady… she was an extension of Brady and his evil ways.

Personally I would have not batted an eyelid if these two had hung from the ends of rope… what they did was heinous, cold bloodied and even to this day.. Brady shows no signs of remorse.

All in all the documentary series was good, but again, we have to remember that this is Myra Hindley’s story about the murders, and we shouldn’t forget that.  She is not going to make herself look evil… and her story will be biased towards herself.. and it would make it look like she could have been another victim of Brady… but there is not doubt about it… they were equally culpable and equally evil.


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