You either love it or hate it…

Nmarmiteow sometimes an advert hits our TV’s and you just have to chuckle. But it seems there have been 250 complaints about this advert according to Marketing Magazine.

Although I can see where people are coming from, with their complaints, I can’t help but think this advert has to be taken with the spirit it was made.  To me there is nothing in the advert that offends me..

We are prepared to have Wonga Loans on or TV’s, which encourage people to get into debt.. and we are prepared to have condom adverts that some people could say promote promiscuity.. But we can’t have an advert about Marmite needing to be rehomed.

These complaints to me are Political Correctness gone mad.

Personally I can’t see anything wrong with the advert and I do have to chuckle every time it hits our screens.. and no I don’t think it undermines animal charities.. and how I look at it.. if people think of animal charities, then perhaps maybe they might even then think about donating money to them.

I just hope the Marmite team don’t come to me.. cos I will have to say “Fair cop Gov,” cos you see I am guilty of shoving it to the back of the cupboard because – I hate it..  Other half loves it.. seriously how can anyone love Marmite? 😀

Mind you Marmite aren’t the only advert to come under criticism by the do-gooders.. remember KIngsmill


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