Aask.fmnother week and another death due to cyberbullying.  Yes a young girl decided enough was enough and hung herself.. all because some mindless feckin idiots thought it was OK to harass and persecute a person online.

Well it is not.. another family this week are having to face the future without someone they love being close to them.. Another family is going to have to lay to rest their child… not due to illness or a tragic accident but due to mindless thugs thinking that it is acceptable and perfectly OK to tell someone to go and kill themselves.

Kids copy.. and I have looked at and each message has a Report button next to it.. something more than Twitter have at the moment… Yes you can report Tweets for Spam and there is a Report button for the iPhone but so far on their website there are no report buttons and neither are there on their android app.

When you decide to demolish, say for instance, a chimney breast, if you start at the bottom then I can guarantee once you remove those first rows of bricks the rest will come tumbling down on you.  So to dismantle it correctly you have to start at the top.

The same applies to social networking.. when you have Social Networking Sites, like Twitter and Facebook, that allow for instance, the persecution of a family with a missing child, or a professional person to have his named used so that the anonymous tweeter can mock and jeer them and insinuate that this person could be a paedophile.. then something is clearly wrong with social networking..

You only have to go onto Twitter, to see adults persecute a family of a missing child.. and one of those that does this night and day.. thinks nothing of telling someone to ‘F off and die’, whilst calling everyone who doesn’t agree with their opinion, a paid employee, a shrill or any other derogatory term they can think of.

The person who does this, claims, to have been a Teacher.. now I don’t know if that is true or not.. but I can assure you I wouldn’t want them teaching my child…   Would you? They daily call people names and accuse them of trolling, when they are acting like a troll themselves.  Pot and Kettle spring to mind here.

Twitter is public.. and so is Facebook to a certain point.  So you see with Twitter and Facebook, a child doesn’t even need an account to read and believe me there have been a lot of pages on Facebook alone that I would not want my child to read.  Blocking these sites might not be an option as parents probably use Twitter and Facebook themselves.   So children can see how some adults behave and how they bully and intimidate others and then that child copies.

So to tackle cyberbullying in my opinion, we have to start at the top.. and that means starting with adults that abuse others on a daily basis.  But how can we do it?  Well simply.. pass the information onto their Service Provider and let them disconnect them from the internet… tough luck if they want the internet for their business.. they should have thought about that before they signed up for an anonymous named account and tweeted their 140 characters of abuse.

Do we take into consideration the drunk driver who drives for a living?  Do we allow him to keep his licence if found guilty of Drink Driving because he has to deliver our daily bread in his artic lorry?  No… we ban him just like the person who only used the car for going down the pub and getting plastered and driving back home.

People have to be responsible for their own actions.. and I am sure if people were disconnected from the internet because of breach of service provider rules.. there will only have to be a few losing connection before people thought twice about bullying online.

Those that threaten to rape, bomb, hurt or harm another person on social networking sites, SHOULD be prosecuted and the Police should be involved.. but I am sure a lot of this could be stamped out with co-operation between social networking sites and internet service providers.

When kids can see that adults can’t get away with things.. perhaps then they will understand that NOBODY can abuse another person online.

Unfortunately, kids see adults getting away with blue murder and think they automatically have the right to do the same.

As one person commentated on this blog.. why the need for anonymity?  If people were held accountable and cyberbullying was tackled properly, then people should be able to use their correct identity without fear, and as my commentator said.. “You have to give your correct name if you join the gym”, so why not make people provide their identity online to these social networking sites.

Facebook has a policy where you have to use your real name.. and so do other sites.. so why should Twitter be exempt?

Advertisers are boycotting the site in their droves..   but even if closed down today, another site will emerge and take over where left off.  Personally I think it is best for to clean up their act and get it right, rather than go offline.

Perhaps it is high time that advertisers thought twice about Twitter and Facebook.. after all it is companies that provide Twitter with an income.. by various means.  Perhaps if the likes of Twitter and Facebook started to lose advertising revenue they might actually tackle the problem of bullying that happens on their sites.

Who knows.. adding a report button in my opinion will not work.. the problem has to be tackled from all angles.. a report button is a start.. but that will be abused in my opinion.


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  1. I agree! When did it become socially acceptable to be mean to people? When did people stop thinking society’s standards didn’t apply to them anymore? There just has to be more accountability and consequences for behavior like this. Great post!


    1. Bren says:

      Exactly people should be held accountable for their actions… we can’t go around saying things that are derogatory,defaming or just saying what we wish and proclaim Freedom of Speech. But one big draw back to cutting off their internet is that these people will claim it is a breach of their human rights.. Well what about the rights of the families who have had loved ones commit suicide? What about the rights of the person who has to read the vitriol being posted about them and to them? They should have more rights than the perpetrator.


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