Just give them….

ACuddlesvery big hug the next time you see your child or children.. Tell them no matter what they do, you might not approve and you might tell them off but reinforce in them that you will never stop loving them.

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and the instinct to protect doesn’t lessen as they grow older, in truth, it intensifies.   Sometimes being a mum is hard work.. there are times when you want to say something but know you can’t.

Our children are our treasures and as a mum we will do whatever is in our power to protect them from harm… when they hurt we hurt.

I have always told my son, no matter what he does, even though I might not approve and he could get a right old rollicking.. it doesn’t mean I don’t love him.. because I do, with all my heart.  And I have told him, I am there for him when he wants to talk and share any problems he has.

Just a month ago a little Prince was born to our future King.. whether I will be alive to see Prince William crowned King.. I don’t know.. but as he walked out of that hospital a proud dad, with his wife and child, I felt for him.. I bet deep in his heart there must have been that feeling of how he wishes that his mother was still alive to hold and see her first grandson.

Now in the news is the birth of another conspiracy theory that Princess Diana was killed by the SAS… no matter what happened.. don’t these people realise that with every conspiracy theory born, Prince William and Prince Harry, must feel hurt.. that their mother is not being allowed to rest in peace.

Two young children had to firstly come to terms that they were never going to see their mother again and secondly they had to face the world on the day of her funeral and hold that true British stiff upper lip.  As they walked with their father, uncle and grandfather behind their mother’s coffin, there was not a mother in this world that didn’t feel as if she wanted to get hold of them and give them one big hug.

The day Diana died, was the day a new monarchy was born.. Today we see our future King, Prince William, being normal as he can be.  He drove his wife home from the hospital, like every other proud dad.  The Duke and Duchess have even broken protocol and allowed a shot taken by Prince George’s grandfather, Mike Middleton, to be classed as the first official photo this new family.

There are people who criticise this photo, people who say, it was not professional enough… but to me the photo was personal and a family shot, just like many families take every day.. and for it to be the first official photo, I thought it was brilliant.  It was the most natural of pictures I have seen.. it was not staged…  And I loved how the dogs were part of this family unit. Of course I would I am an animal lover.. 😀

Earlier this week, Prince William in an interview said:

“He’s a little bit of a rascal, I’ll put it that way.

“He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I’m not sure – but he’s doing very well at the moment.”

And as he spoke of his son and wife… you could see the love he has for them..  I just hope the Press do the decent thing and let this family live there life… and above all let the new little Prince have a childhood that is away from the camera lens and as near as normal as it can be.

And above all.. please let Diana rest in peace… nothing will bring her back.. all you are doing is adding more pain to a family who everyday have to deal with the loss of someone they loved with all their heart.

Royal Pic

But with joys of a new royal birth the news is overshadowed by the news that two teenagers commit suicide due to bullying…  There have been a lot of suicides due to bullying, especially on the internet and with mobile phones, being something that every teenager seems to possess.

How can we combat this?  Yes internet sites have to take responsibility especially if they host a platform that allows this behaviour to go on… especially in public view of anyone who visits their site.  But we have to also face reality that children are not the only bullies.. adults bully other adults in cyberspace.

Perhaps when children see that adults are taken to task over their behaviour then and maybe then they will realise that bullying is not acceptable.   We can clamp down on websites.. but as a parent we must accept that we have a role to play…

The internet is part of our lives now.. and it will never go away.. as parents we must take responsibility.. after all it is us how either pays for those mobiles or for the internet to be in our homes.

If a child who’s being bullied is scared of what their parents might do, or how they might react.. and that child has the fear that matters could get even worse, then they will not confide in their parents.. they will suffer in silence until the day they can’t stand it no more.

Kids need to know that as adults, we will do what is best for them.. even if it means doing something that you know you don’t want to do..  like listening to them and not interfering and let them decide what action they want you to take.

Yes as a parent, our desire to protect is so strong, that we might go in head first and to be honest make matters worse… If your child can come to you and tell them what is bothering them and tell you they just want you to listen and give advice of what could be done and that they have the final decision, then maybe we might be able to tackle this bullying behaviour.

If a child, who is being bullied has a fear, that their parents, will do something that makes matters worse for them, then they might not confide in you and suffer in silence and tragedy could happen.

Dealing with bullying is one of the hardest thing a child has to cope with..  being a parent at times can be even harder, especially if you have to do what your child wants and not what you want to do about a specific situation.

We talk to our children about stranger danger in the real world.. and never to take sweets off of anyone or go with anyone, no matter what that person tells them… we also need to talk to our children about the internet and how people, who think they are anonymous, bully others and how some faceless people on the internet, even blackmail others to the point where they can’t see any other alternative than to take their own life.

Parents need to be part of the solution and that solution will only come if we as adults listen and watch for the warning signs… that something is not right.

So give your children one big hug and tell them no matter what they are going through or what they have done.. you will never stop loving them and together you can work things out.

Children need to know that taking your own life is not the solution… confiding in family and friends is..


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