Could, would and should..

TBrian and Esther Laneuesday night in our house at 9pm we have a TV dilemma, do we watch New Tricks or CSI New York.? Normally we record New York but as this is the final season we decided to watch it and record New Tricks.

Naturally, everyone knows we do this and they never tell us what happens… but come Wednesday night as soon as we sit down after dinner, on goes New Tricks and we catch up on the episode.

Yes I know I am behind, but last week, Brian Lane was removed from UCOS because he gave a tape recording to a mother whose son died in police custody.

So last night, was Brian Lane’s, played by Alun Armstrong,  final episode. I have to say, I still miss the days when Jack Halford was around.. there was something about Jack, Gerry, Brian and Sandra that just gelled together.. the chemistry worked.

But alas sadly, Jack Halford, played by James Bolam, decided to quit from the series and a new character was brought in.. Over the forthcoming episodes I have warmed to Steve.. but still miss Jack.

So Alun Armstrong decided to hang up the character of Brian Lane and decided to leave the show.. which is such a shame… but understandable as he wants to move onto other things.

However, nothing is going to stop us loving and missing Brian and his long-suffering wife Esther, played by Susan jameson, who in real-life is married to james Bolam.

The episode, revolved around Brian helping a lady who has joined a book club,, where Esther goes, to find her missing brother.

Brian, who misses UCOS like crazy, decided to investigate.. however the investigation being led by Brian stumbles into a case that is also being investigated by UCOS.  UCOS and Brian cross paths and with the reluctance of Strikland, allows Brian to pass on information he has gained, including finding a dead body.

Esther, who is worried about Brian, knowing full well his life will fall apart without UCOS, follows him and together they decide to crack the case…  along with UCOS

It turns out, the woman who Brian thought was searching for her brother was not in fact this guy’s sister but was someone who was trying to find this person, who was now in witness protection.

At the end of the episode the final scene shows Brian coming in from walking the dog and calling for Esther.. When he finds Esther, there she is at the computer, taking notes about a crime that has been committed and how there are other similar reports of the same MO of the crime.

So for the Could, Would and Should…

Could there be a spin-off from New Tricks, starring Alun Armstrong and Susan Jameson as the new husband and wife detecting agency.. most certainly.

Would both actors be prepared to commit themselves to a spin-off.  After last nights episode, I sure hope they would consider it.. Susan and Alun shone as the Lanes Detective Agency..

Should there be a spin-off series… and it has to be a resounding YES from me.. please come on someone this could be a great series.. and a chance to get Brian back to his old ways, before they made him sane.. I liked the skatty Brian.. whose mind would wander off in so many directions that all those around him would be lost.

And if there is no chance.. of a spin-off series.. well all I can say.. I am going to miss Brian and Esther… and as Amanda Redman is leaving… and Gerry will be the only original character.. I do wonder if New Tricks will ever be the same….. ever again.


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  1. w.r. de Vriesch says:

    Ohh, I would love such a spin-off also. Brian and Esther are great together. Would also get better ratings I think as the last series of New Tricks. The chemistry I agree isn’t there anymore when the four originals were together. It is a nice series but just not the same anymore.


    1. Bren Ryan says:

      I started watching this new series… the one where Gerry leaves.. I do hope they are not going to let Gerry leave under a cloud of suspicion. I think they have realised that New Tricks just doesn’t have its following any more hence the last series… such a shame.


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