Country My Dear… ‘I’m Home’ and we are off to war again

AMideast_Syria-08c3c-1024x682nd now our delectable leader… ‘Dishface Cameron’ cuts short his holiday in Cornwall, only by one day, to come home to Number 10 and hold meetings which include recalling Parliament on Thursday to discuss and vote as to whether we should send our missiles to Syria..

Hang on Dishface, can we afford this?  Haven’t we been here before, not once but three times, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya… and what have learnt from those conflicts… Oh yes we go in guns blazing following the Americans and we dispose of these dictators, who we have wined and dined with in the past, only to create a power vacuum when sends that free liberated country into a new turmoil.

We have sat back.. watching in the wings, as a regime kills its civilians who supports the rebels, for two whole years.  We are now in the third year of watching this action.. and we DID NOTHING, except say strong words of ‘Don’t do this or we will threaten you with talk of us dropping our bombs on you’.

But now because of a chemical attack, which is totally unjustified, we are prepared to spring into military action..

But hold on a minute.. we have two sides fighting a propaganda war, each stating the other side did the attack, so why do we have to rush into dropping our bombs on them?

Couldn’t we just wait until the UN Weapons Experts have finished their report and then decide as a whole world what action to take.

As Fleet Street Fox says in her Daily Mirror article.

Well then here’s an idea – let’s stop ignoring the United Nations, allow its weapons inspectors to report on who and what is responsible for last week’s attack, and then decide as a world what the correct response would be.

If the report says only the regime could deliver those chemical weapons, even Russia and China cannot justify voting against a resolution condemning Syria for it. And if the report says the rebels could have done it, well, perhaps we’ll all learn not to let people stockpile the damn things in the first place.

And it not just a Journalist who thinks like that, Hans Blix thinks the same as he said in a Huffington Post article:

I do not go along with the statement by the U.S. that “it is too late” for Syria now to cooperate. That is a poor excuse for taking military action.

Only last March, the West was satisfied with inspections concerning the use of chemical weapons. Why can’t they wait again now? In one month when you have accurate tissue samples we will know for sure exactly which kind of chemical weapons have been used and who possesses such weapons.

Before we even contemplate drawing up contingency plans for attacking another nation… let the UN Weapons Experts do their report.. let us find out EXACTLY WHO DID carry out the attack.

And an Russian Official has said on Twitter:

Which when translated means – The West is acting in the Islamic world like a “monkey with a hand grenade.”

Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the Government’s statements saying we can’t sit by and do nothing whilst Chemical Weapons are used.. I would like to know exactly which side used them, in the first place before I even contemplate as to whether it is right to send our troops into another battle.

Haven’t we learnt our lessons from the three conflicts we have been involved in?  Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  Haven’t we learnt that the solution doesn’t come at the end of a bullet or by the use of a missile.   All we do is create power vacuums in these Countries… where things don’t improve at all for the people, all that happens is that you have one religious sect arguing with another in their bid to fight for power.

And haven’t we learnt from the days of Tony Blair, when he justified the Iraq War when he told the world that Iraq had WMD and could use them within 45 mins?  Haven’t we learnt that wars don’t solve problems?

Let the UN Weapons Experts do their job and then go from there.  Oh and by the way Dishface how the hell can we afford to go to war again.

Is this the real reason for the austerity measures?

If you really want to do something constructive.. how about sending gas masks to the people of Syria along with decontamination equipment, along with humanitarian aid and medical supplies.. and for Gods sake don’t send arms to the rebels.. cos common sense tells you that these groups have probably been infiltrated by Al-Qaeda members and that would result in us arming them with our weapons in order for them to continue the fight against us at a later date.


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  1. Riley Frost says:

    Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested.


    1. Bren says:

      I will go and have a read.. I think we need to think long and hard before we even contemplate military action.. Wars are bloody.. irrespective of which side you are on..

      If the UN Weapons Experts can categorically state that the Assad Regime launched those Chemical Weapons, then surely Russia and China can’t sit back and defend a tyrant.


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