Face like a smacked ass…

As my Nan would’ve said.. when us kids decided to have a temper tantrum cos we couldn’t have our own way. Tonight I really expected old Dishface to burst a blood vessel when the result of the vote came in with regards to his motion about intervention in the Syrian Crisis.

My god when he said, “I get it,” I was waiting for him to do a Kevin and Perry, and storm out of the chamber, slam the door and shout, “It’s so unfair”.

Nobody I know agrees with what is happening in Syria, we all deplore the use of Chemical Weapons… but after 3 other wars, namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, each which have failed in one form or another, I think the majority of people just don’t want to face another war…  There are still bombs going off daily in Iraq which are killing innocent people, there are still Taliban attacks and as for Libya well things are not so rosy there either.

So let’s go back a couple of days… Dishface (and what a mug it was tonight), cut his holiday short, arrived back in Downing Street and started to lay the law down..  He was recalling parliament and there would be a vote at the end of the session as to whether we take military action against Syria.

He had been discussing the state of play with Obama about military action and we were being led to believe that action could be taken against Syria before the weekend is out. And to me his quickness to rush this through parliament left me with the feeling that plans had already been drawn up with the USA and he was just hoping to get the sanction of Parliament before he gave the order for our military to unleash missiles.

So today was the day that Parliament was recalled, but Labour was not having us go into a war before the UN weapons Experts had reported back to the UN.  Dishface wasn’t prepared to wait… no he was recalling parliament and the MP’s were voting… end of.

But due to Labour tabling another motion, Dishface was forced into a corner where he had to water down his original motion to state that we would not take action until after the UN Weapon Experts Report and that we would have another vote.

During the day, we have heard of six Typhoons heading for Cyprus to protect our interests..  we also heard of Russian warships heading for the Mediterranean.

The people of Britain have lived through the Iraq war… families have seen their loved ones go  into battle and return home in a body bag.  We have seen what 10 years of conflict have achieved in Iraq.. there is some stability but there are bombs exploding on a daily basis..  innocent people dying and what for?  God only knows.

We, the public, have had the dodgy Iraq dossier and are very skeptical as to the evidence that Dishface was putting before Parliament today.

The British People could see the wider view.. they could see how bombing Syria could escalate matters in the Middle East… The British people want to wait for the UN Weapon Experts report and the full backing of the UN Security Council, something Dishface was not prepared to do initially.

How could Russia and China continue to agree to support Syria if the evidence from the UN Weapons Report stated categorically that Assad and his Military are the only persons who possess these chemicals weapons and therefore must have launched them?  Then maybe with full UN backing the people of Britain would have felt different… who knows?

If things had gone Cameron’s way tonight, and missiles were fired at strategic targets, with belief that these were where Assad was keeping his Weapons of Mass Destruction, then innocent civilians would have been killed by our bombs… And the most sobering thought is this.. our military actions could have destabilized the entire region and it could have ended up with bombs flying all over the place.

Whatever we do or do not do with regards to what is happening in Syria.. we just can’t go in all guns blazing and hope Syria sorts itself out afterwards.  It is not that we, the people who are glad that the Government lost this vote, don’t care, because we do.. it is just we think that maybe a democratic solution is far, far better than bombs raining down on people.

Today was a day when Democracy won….


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  1. psquirrel says:

    I am in love with the phrase “Face like a smacked ass” and feel I should start using it on a daily basis! Seriously, though, it’s nice to hear your thoughts on world reactions to what is going on in Syria. Thanks for sharing! =)


    1. Bren says:

      I love the saying too… With regards to Syria.. common sense as to play an important part in this and facts have to be faced. Say we do drop a few bombs on Assad and his troops and take out their air bases etc… civilians will die in those attacks.

      And what if in the process of dropping those bombs the opposition gain the advantage and the regime is toppled, history has taught us that within weeks of a regime being toppled there will be power struggles between different groups.

      And the most frightening part is this, within those groups are members of Al-Qaeda, what if they managed to form some Government and take control, is the West going to be safer?.. most definitely not.

      What the West has to understand it has taken us centuries to get to grip with Democracy, we were never born democratic and there used to be civil wars in the UK over who was controlling who. Eventually with time we learnt what democracy is and we learnt that when you are handed democracy you also have to take on responsibility for keeping democracy alive.

      If a parent, never allows a child to do anything, and is very restrictive, chances are when that child finally goes out into the world, they will be a rebel and become irresponsible.. whereas the child that has been allowed freedom doesn’t rebel but acts responsible. Freedom is not a new thing to that child. Freedom and acting responsible is something they have had to learn from day one.

      We have seen with Libya, the rebels all stood together to oust Gaddafi, but once he was gone, there was a power vacuum and the various religious groups are now fighting amongst themselves for control of the country.

      As I said it has taken the West centuries to understand the full concept of democracy and the West now expect the Middle East to get to grips with democracy overnight. It is just not going to happen.

      We have seen it in Egypt… they democratically elected a President and Government, now in true democratic style that President and Government should still be ruling today until the next elections.. but what happened the military ousted the President and now there is fighting amongst the people again.

      I just can’t understand why the West have to keep interfering in things and to be honest I am glad democracy last night, in the House of Commons, won.


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