The British public told Cameron – ‘We don’t police the world’

Nmap-middle-east-jordanow you get the message don’t you, David Cameron?.. Well hopefully you do, but in reality I don’t think you fully understand quite what happened last night in the House of Commons.

Some Politicians listened to the public, they gauged how the public felt about military action being taken in Syria.  The majority of people don’t want it and those politicians who voted against you understood what the public felt and voted with the Public.   That is called democracy.  You know the thing you keep harping on about.

And there was no clear plan of what military action would be taken, and there was no clear exit strategy given to MP’s, and those MP’s who voted against you, realised that dropping a few missiles on people, in hope that Assad behaves himself… serves no purpose at all other than inflame matters to a situation that is already volatile.

So where do you go from here old Cammie boy? Do you try and sweet talk your way through the barbeque you are holding this afternoon… are you going to offer those rebels who voted against you a nice piece of the action and then try at a later date to change politicians opinions and try and get the old military action agenda back into the House of Commons?

Personally I don’t believe it when you say, we won’t be taking part in Military Action.. something tells me that you have had your fingers burnt and you are more resolute in getting your own way.  Whether it is your mannerisms, or whether it is because you have promised things before and then back-tracked I don’t know.

But one thing I do know, is this, what FleetStreetFox writes in her Daily Mirror column is very true.. who would we get in your place.. and to be perfectly honest, the thought of having Michael ‘Screaming Banshee’ Gove at the helm does have me heading for the immigration website for Outer Mongolia.

The great British Public told you in no uncertain terms that we have learnt our lessons, with regards to military action in Middle East Countries.  Is Iraq safe?.. NO.  Are people still being killed by bombs on a daily basis?… YES.   So the answer to the burning question did military action in Iraq bring peace and stability?  The answer has to be a resounding NO.

So do you think peace and stability would have been achieved if you had won the vote?.. History tells you otherwise and that is why wise men and women voted against you and the Labour Government’s motion.

The only way peace is going to be achieved in Syria, is by those Countries that border Syria and other Arab countries getting together and negotiate a peace deal.. or take military action, themselves, if they feel it is necessary.  It is not up to the West to make such decisions about a Country that is miles and miles away and a country that doesn’t even have borders with the United Kingdom.

Yes the atrocities that are happening are in my opinion war crimes.  But only international co-operation in bringing those culpable to trial, will truly be justice.

But what is more concerning for me is this.. with regards to your press conference you made today.

In which you say, the Americans made a request for British help.

So can you tell me please?  If the Americans had NOT requested your help… would you have recalled Parliament and asked the Americans for help?  You say you condemn what has happened but why didn’t you approach the European Union and America about what was happening in Syria, not just the chemical weapons incidents, but the atrocities that are occurring daily, with civilians being killed day in and day out?  Are their lives less valuable than those lives that were lost to chemical weapons?

And above all, why the rush?  You say you wanted to learn from lessons of the past, but you don’t.  You see the lessons of the past tells us all about dodgy dossiers, UN experts not being allowed to do their job before action is taken, do NOT bring peace and stability,

If you want to help the people of Syria, instead of sending a cruise missiles that will cost this country millions if not billions of pounds, and most definitely result in killing more civilians, how about sending them medicines, gas masks, and humanitarian aid….  things that will help? Appealing to the Arab nations to intervene and get a peace deal.  But supplying weapons to rebels and cruise missiles do NOT bring peace.

History has taught us that lesson…. many, many times.  And the American people also feel the same as us according to the Huffington/YouGov Poll 

And let us not forget the wise words of the Archbishop of Canterbury:


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