Syria – What a difference an Obama year makes…

YObama Golf after Syria speeches you know what I am talking about, yep you’ve got it, Obama’s infamous ‘Red Line’. You know the one, the line that was Obama’s back in August 2012, and then the world’s as of today.

It is amazing isn’t it, what a defeat in the House of Commons can do to an American President.. gives him some sort of amnesia… and if you believe his line, the people of this world just got the wrong end of the stick.

You know the man, who gave the world his speech on the situation in Syria and why the world had to stand up to Syria, and then went for a round of golf.

The President who thinks he rules the world.  The man who wants to kill more civilians and doesn’t care what the UN Security Council has to say, about his actions.

Let us have a recap of Obama in August 2012

And then today the 4th September 2013

And out of all the people I have heard speak about a solution, the most common sense approach to solving this came from Hans Blix..

Now isn’t that worth considering what Hans Blix mentions, crippling sanctions not just to Syria but to any Country that sells them arms… and that includes arms being given to the rebels.  And above all, humanitarian aid should be given to the people of Syria… medical supplies, clothing, food, gas masks, etc…

And as for those that say but Al-Qaeda will supply arms, well have the resolution worded strong enough that any country that allows any terrorist organisation to send weapons will also face sanctions.

Bit better than dropping a load of missiles on people isn’t it?

And of course we mustn’t forget that John Kerry was pretty happy being cosy to Assad and his wife back in 2009.


But there again as Robert Mitchum said in the film Anzio

“Men Kill Each Other Because They Like To”


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  1. On the other side, I can only say that I am glad the chap is carefully considering the option to get into another war, cause I think he knows it wont be quickly in and out. I do also agree with him that the red line shouldn’t only be his, it should be everyones. Having said that I think he hesitated and lost this weekend. Back peddling sure isn’t pretty!!!!


    1. Bren says:

      I agree it is everyone’s concern, but I still feel that military action will result in another Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. And what action is taken has to be with the UN security council’s full backing.


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