Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

IRegretst is that time of the week again, when WordPress set you another Daily Prompt… This time their Daily Prompt is called Regrets, I’ve had a few and they ask, What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been different if you’d made another decision?  

My god where do I start… 😀

I suppose my biggest regret was something I learnt late in life… and a lesson I should have known from the very beginning, and that regret is never to trust what the media is telling you.  Because if you do, you might get the wrong idea about something and voice an opinion that is incorrect.

You see that is what I did… I voiced an opinion about a family, on the internet, which was incorrect, malicious and above all, plain right wrong.

Using the media as an excuse, some might say, is unjustified.. But when you read lies being printed in papers, left, right and centre and day after day, you as a reader begin to believe them.  The media wouldn’t lie to their readers, would they?  You bet they do.

You get so caught up in the whole idea that someone could be guilty of a heinous crime that you fail to listen to all rhyme and reason. Months, days and even years are spent judging someone or something that are totally unwarranted.  Time wasted which could have been spent in helping.

But the point of all regrets must be the lessons you learn from them.  And above all, how you now conduct yourself.

I learnt the hard way.. and believe me.. I was shocked to the core, looking back on what I had previously said and did.  And above all I felt so ashamed of myself.

Here I was an adult… not a child who is just learning things.. but an adult who should have known bloody better.   So what excuses are there for my stupid, idiotic and childish behaviour… none..   Nothing I say can ever justify what I did.. there are no excuses and no other people to blame.. only myself.

I had an alternative… when I finally discovered the truth.. I either walked away from the internet and just stuck to ordering stuff online from Tesco’s and Amazon only.. or I put my hands up and apologise to the very people I hurt and try to undo the damage I caused, by never repeating those falsehoods – that I so believed at that moment in  time. Falsehoods that I had previously repeated time after time.  My only way to do this was to dispel those falsehoods and show that those beliefs, that I had, were not factual and were purely myths invented by uncorroborated stories from the media and falsehoods spread by internet armchair detectives… defectives.

A coward runs.. and that is not something I was prepared to do.. yes people who were supposed to be classed as friends turned their back on me, because I was doing something that was right for a change.  If my friendship to them only meant that they could only be friends with me, when I acted, thought and posted like them.. then in my eyes they are not friends and were definitely not worthy of my friendship.

Friendship and respect are earned and it is not conditional.   So called friends who lay down conditions, like they will only be your friend if you don’t speak to so and so… are nothing but petty individuals… A true friend doesn’t care what your opinions are about a certain topic.. they might not agree with you and they will tell you that.. but true friends muddle through disagreements and they just agree to disagree.. never discuss the subject again and carry on doing what they do best… being your best friend.

In life we all make regrets and we all wonder what if…. but one thing we have to understand and that is this.. if we didn’t make mistakes and have regrets.. we would never learn.   We learn through experiences including those experiences that are now regretted.

And my one other regret is that I wasn’t in the right place at the right time and met my husband earlier….. then we would have spent more time together.. time that is full of love, trust and respect for each other..  A love that has no bounds, no conditions and a love that will stay with me till the day I die and beyond.  As Patrick Swayze said in Ghost…

The love inside, you take it with you

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