Too much testosterone in politics…

Now I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to think that that there is far too much testosterone in politics and that is why nothing ever gets solved..  God what is it with these men in politics.. are their egos more important than solving what is going on in the world today?

putin obama g20For instance, take Obama he rode into town for the G20, greeting Putin yesterday and his greeting to Putin was as if he wanted to let Putin know that is he the man of power… As he went to greet Putin he leaned forward and is if to over-shadow Putin and give the impression he was more superior.  What a ………

Personally to me he reminded me a lame-duck President riding in on a knock-kneed knackered old pony, with a severe case of senile dementia.. well he must have if he can’t remember whose ‘red-line’ it is.

He couldn’t even get what he wanted over Syria, unless he bowed to the demands of McCain.. First of all it wasn’t about Regime change in Syria.. then it was.. come on man make up your mind here… do you want to topple Assad or not?  Because from where I am sitting if you do topple Assad, you will have another, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya on your hands.

Then the Taunts..

Well according to the Daily Wail… Putins, aid was supposed to have said that Putin thinks this of Britain: It’s just a small island no-one pays any attention to.  Naturally the Russians are denying ever saying this.. but just incase they did… Yes we are a small Island and that is why in order to protect our small island, we need far more tougher border controls… a better and tougher immigration policy and a deportation policy that will not spend forever and a day trying to deport someone…

Face the fact.. you can’t defend yourself, as a nation, if you cut back your defences…. share bloody battleships with other nations and drop bombs on people hoping that sends a stark warning to behave themselves.  FFS if someone dropped a couple of bombs on us because of our policy about the bedroom-tax or because they just don’t like Dishface (I know petty reasons) would we just sit there and take it, or would we retaliate?  Yep we would pick up whatever we could and fight to the death to protect our small little island.

And as for sharing a friggin battleship.. come on guys … it is wrong.  Take for instance this conflict that France wants to go into with the Americans over Syria… if we are sharing ships with France, do we say you can’t use our joint battle-ship?  Or you can’t use our half of it. We just simply can’t share defences..   You know I read an excellent article the other day.. about how millions of pounds that are wasted on the two ships originally planned and now back to one ship.  What a cock-up that has been.

And for god’s sake wake up and smell the coffee – dropping bombs on some far off land is not going to protect our small little island. History has proven that..  In order to protect our little island we have to have a bloody decent and well equipped Navy – which we don’t share with anybody – and an army that has the proper equipment and training and enough troops to go into battle if needed… along with an air-force with planes that are a match for any hostile nation’s air fleet.


osborne burgerOh yes.. multitasking.. something women can do that men struggle at.. and scientists  have proven us ladies are better at it.. Now the only multitasking I have seen from this Government is Georgie boy having a cheeseburger whilst working.  Whether that picture was to show we are all in this together, or he doesn’t give a damn about obesity I don’t know.. but most women would have been juggling a few other things and probably eating the cheeseburger whilst on the go..

How many of us women have had our sandwich or burger sitting on the worktop and eaten mouthfuls as we sort out the kids, do the washing, get stuck into housework? etc etc.. Whatever message Osborne was trying to give out, the only message I got, what is the prat ****ing up now and who else will be homeless because he gives tax-breaks to the rich and penalises the poor.

Most definitely not a good example of multitasking.. 😀

More women in power please…

Yes, yes, yes… Women can multi-task, scientists have proven that.. and women can budget.. and they are excellent peacekeepers.  We know for a fact that when you only have so much money a week to spend on food, you can’t buy luxury foods and live on the best of the land for 4 days and then go and borrow some more money to eat for the other 3 days.  We learn to budget and we are far better at cost-cutting measures.  and saving.

Every mother knows, what is is like being in between two warring offspring.. they know how to break up the fights and they know how to do this without inflicting unnecessary pain onto one of the offspring.  We solve arguments, without having to resort to violence and we keep the peace and harmony whilst protecting our own.. Yes, us women would if necessary resort to violence, but we try diplomacy first and we talk and talk until we find a solution to a problem.

We don’t just get up and decide to drop a load of bombs on people, in order to get our point across…


Get the women into power asap.. the world might be colour co-ordinated and full of chintz and a bit beige, but at least it won’t look like a ravaged war zone – with bombs raining down on any nation that doesn’t do as we say – like it is today.  And all because there is too much testosterone in politics…. and men think the only way to solve a crisis is to lob a few cruise missiles at it.


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