Grade C and a bit of National Service …

NNational Serviceow what do you get…. yep a lowered unemployment figure… well at least for a year… and a group of individuals that can add two and two together.. along with changing an incontinence pad.

Well it seems our delectable Dishface and his cronies have decided on a couple of policies.. 

Now for those at school who are now forced to be there until they are 18, if you don’t get a Grade C in Maths and English… you are not going to be allowed to drop them for your last two years of education.

School leaving age
Coutesey of the BBC

Now I left school at 16, admittedly with a CSE Grade 1 in Maths, but apart from having to add up a few things, and subtract a few numbers here and there.. I can’t remember ever using sines and cosines, algorithms, and algebra and good old pythagoras theorem has been sitting quietly on the shelf marked dormant for the last 39 years.

Yes fractions and percentages.. but not complicated formulas.. I can fully understand the Government wanting every child to have the basics of maths.. but come on if these kids are struggling at the age of 16 to get Grade C, then there is a high chance that they will probably struggle as much at 18, if not more, especially if they are studying hard for their A-levels.

Now I don’t know about you.. but not every child in this world can be a brain-box.. some kids are good with their hands, are sports orientated and excel at these subjects but can’t get to grip with the academic studies.

Personally, knowing how real life is.. perhaps the Maths exam should be in two parts.. Basic Maths and Advanced Maths and it would be advisable that children who don’t get a grade C in basic Maths should be made to re-study.

In education league tables take over and schools have to meet certain targets and failure is not an option.. This leads to schools applying pressure to pupils to do well and can make a child who is struggling at school feel inadequate and struggling, which then leads to them either becoming disruptive or withdraw into themselves and that only leads down the road of inadequacy, that no child should have to endure.

In my opinion too much emphasis and pressure is applied to children – making every child feel that they must ascertain a certain level of education.. and if they do not achieve such levels, then they are a underachiever, which will only instill the belief in their minds that they are a failure which would ultimately lead to depression.

And I can’t remember any child in my school ever being prescribed antidepressants.. this article in Telegraph dated 30th October 2009 giving the actual figures for children who were on antidepressants  makes shocking reading, believe me.  And that article was nearly 4 years ago, so I wonder what the actual number of prescriptions issued today for the likes of  for antidepressants amongst children under the age of 18, is.

Children develop at different ages.. some kids can grasp heavy academic lessons.. where other children excel with things that involve their hands.. bricklayers.. plasterers.. woodworkers.. carpenters.. etc.  Practical skills that are just as important in the real world as any other skill. And no matter how much some people think those jobs are just plain old labouring jobs.. with no prospects and look down on these workers.. think again. If people decided not to work in these trades then the entire population would be living under the trees…

The world would grind to a halt if we were all Chiefs and there were no Indians.

And above all… children need chill time.. they need playtime.. they definitely don’t need every hour out of school life filled with, study, study, study and homework galore.. Sorry but if there isn’t enough time in the school term to have free periods to do extra work (now classed as homework), then extend the bloody school term.  And children as young as 5 definitely don’t need any homework set.

But don’t fear.. if we can’t get these kids to have a decent education.. they have nothing to fear.. because even those with the top scores who go onto University and qualify as Doctors, Solicitors, Teachers, will all have to spend a year, and I don’t mean a gap year, doing National Service along with the underachievers.

Yes the Conservative MP Philip Hollobone. is behind the National Service Bill to get every 18-26 year old doing one year’s national service.

With number (2), which covers the scope of the scheme,  being quite interesting.  It states:

(2) Regulations shall also provide that the scheme shall include—

(a) a residential element, requiring that participants live away from home;

(b) an element of public service, comprising one or more of the following to be chosen by the individual—

(i) charitable work,
(ii) social action,
(iii) care for the elderly or disabled,
(iv) overseas development activity, or
(v) work connected with the National Health Service, the
emergency services or the Armed Forces.

So when these 18- 26 year olds spend their time away from home.. and their bedroom is free.. does that mean that the family, who are on benefits are going to be forced to move because of the bedroom tax?

I expect the Government will say to the family who won’t have a room for their child when they return from their year’s national service, “Tough tittie.. you should’ve paid for the extra rent even though it was us that decided your child will be forced to move out of your home for a year, by our National Service Scheme.”

Oh and what about the child that decides to study at University to be a Lawyer or Teacher for instance are they going to be forced to work for the minimum wage instead of leaving University and taking up a position in their perspective employment, using their newly taught skills… or will they have to spend a year in a hospital changing incontinence pads?  Will the junior doctor or nurse be exempt as they can claim their early years at work are covered as they work in the National Health Service?

And as for this part with respect to the scheme:

instruction in personal financial budgeting, household bills, nutrition, cooking, time keeping, life skills, tolerance towards others, treating elderly and disabled people with dignity and respect;

Isn’t this something they should be learning at school?  And what happens when the year is over and they revert back to their old ways… what then?

Or are we going to see a campaign now, by this Government, highlighting the troubles of teenagers, who they are a drain on society because they are unemployed and how crime is rife amongst people between the ages of 18-26 in order for the public to say what a great idea it is, to bring in National Service.

Anyway, the unemployment figure will be lower under this scheme.. I suppose.  And as for National Service… I am on the fence with this one….

The only way to get the unemployment levels back to an acceptable level is, this…. make something.. we might have a nice financial district.. but as a nation we don’t have any industry.. we don’t have the steel works we used to.. we don’t have shipbuilding yard that can employ people..

If this Government wants people in work.. then they are going to have to help small businesses and encourage people to buy British and make goods in this country, so that the jobs are there for people.. otherwise we are just going to go round and round in a vicious circle with nothing changing and ill advised schemes like the national service scheme.


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  1. That is the best writing ‘ve ever seen about the criticism about turuism. That’s all.


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