School Uniforms…


Many, and I mean many moons ago when I was at school, how I hated to wear the uniform.  The tuts and the daily moans of having to wear this ghastly set of clothes day in and day out .. was not on.. How could an inspiring teenager be seen dead in such dismal clothing.  Life was so unfair…. in a true Kevin and Perry attitude, especially when you reach thirteen and become a teenager.

My god as a teenager, I thought that wearing these horrendous dull grey clothes would blight my street cred and turn me into a frumpy child.

I hated it, along with every other child in my school, having to wear this hideous outfit.,. yes we would all try to push the line.. a little closer to what we wanted we wear.. and then those horrible head teachers would have a clamp down.. and detention would be dished out.. in the same manner as that tapioca pudding that was deemed healthy.. yes every one of us got it and every one of us was forced to eat..  Same as the detention.. we would all ignore the warnings until eventually detention forced upon us.. and those lines of, ‘I will adhere to school policy and wear my uniform with pride and show respect for authority.’  were rewritten time and time again.. why didn’t we have tablets or laptops in the 70’s?   It would have made those lines a whole lot easier… oh the joys of cut and paste.

What bullshite those lines were….. what a life a child has to live.

Now to move that clock forward a good few years and be a parent.. I can now see the benefit of school uniforms…

  • It stops fashion trends being followed at school
  • It stops children wearing the latest high-priced garments and making pupils less privileged feel inadequate and can stop schoolyard bullying.
  • It shows respect to the school
  • And it helps parents, especially if they have more than one child at the same school.. When one child grows out of a piece of clothing then it can be handed down to the other child/children.

But unfortunately there is a downside to school uniforms.. and that being some schools require pupils to wear clothing that you can’t pick up at the likes of Asda and Tesco for example..  Blazers having to be a specific colour with the school badge already attached.. is one example.  Parents are forced to pay over the price for a piece of uniform because they can’t buy a normal jacket and a badge to sew on.

Now according to Sky News David Laws is saying this about School Uniforms

  • Exclusive single supplier contracts should not be used, unless regular tendering processes are run to ensure firms provide value for money.
  • They should also not enter into ‘cashback’ agreements with shops.
  • Compulsory items of uniform should be available relatively cheaply, and branding should be kept “to a minimum”, under the guidelines.
  • Schools are urged to avoid changing specifications frequently.

At last a policy that is beneficial for all families, especially those on low wages…

The only problem I can see is that these measures are not going far enough.. I can see some schools saying that they are only guidelines and ignore the context of those guidelines completely.

When the Minister was pressed about this, according to Sky News, he said.

… he did not think it was necessary for ministers to legislate and “set out hundreds of pages of bureaucracy in order to get schools to do what is the right thing”.

And the article goes onto say:

He said he expected schools to follow the guidance, but if they failed to, the Government would respond to parental complaints.

Again, shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted… parents would have to complain, get nowhere with the school, then take it up with their Local Authority, then onto their MP’s to get the Government to act.. surely it would be better to issue straight forward guidelines.. that HAVE to be enforced by schools, is the best way forward.

Sorry kids.. school uniforms are here to stay.. and when you grow up and become a parent you will understand exactly why an ex-pupil who hated their school uniform speaks in favour of schools having compulsory school uniforms.

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  1. says:

    I wore them and HATED them too but as you have pointed out so well I now have a different perspective. (and no more kids in school !!!! )


    1. Bren says:

      Those memories are flooding back…. rolling up your skirt at the waist band so that you could turn it into a mini skirt.. and you thought it was so cool with a waistline that contained nothing by cloth. 😀


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