Sea air and all that..

P1050346 (Large)
Now I do get some bright ideas at times, my poor hubby for having to go through with them.. Well my bright idea for this weekend… was a day at the seaside.  First of all it was a trip to Folkestone to take some pictures of the harbour… and by Saturday evening it morphed into taking the dogs to the beach.

They have never been to the seaside before.. and now that the 30th September has been and gone and dogs are now allowed on the beach.. my idea was to take them to Dymchurch.  Well just outside Dymchurch really, at a place called St Mary’s Bay.  

I can remember two years ago, we were at Dymchurch in October and the weather was glorious.. I couldn’t believe that we were then basking in temperatures of over 23° celsius.  But yesterday down there was glorious, the sun was shining and the temperatures hovered around the 20° celsius area.

So with two dogs in the boot… two flasks of coffee packed up and a camera in hand, we headed off for the beach.

P1050331 (Large)

As the dogs had never been to the beach before, we took their retractable leads… the last thing we wanted was them spotting another dog and running miles up the beach to have a game of sink or swim 😀  Well they were very wary at first when they heard the waves lapping onto the seashore … didn’t know what to expect.. and as the waves came crashing in they didn’t seem to want to get their feet wet.

But eventually with a little bit of coaxing they ventured into the water..

That was it… Dumps was in her element.   This is great… she must have thought to herself… I get wet and so does my poppa when I come out and shake all over him..

Stewie though was being the careful christian..


He was quite prepared to sit back and watch little sis but then it dawned on him she was having fun… that was it… he went in.   By this time good old Dumps was swimming around trying to catch stones and thoroughly enjoying herself.

Stewie was having none of that.. so he plucked up the man courage… and went in..

Mind you hubby and I creased up.. as he got out of his depth and had to swim.. he was opening his mouth and shutting it just like a goldfish….  He sure has been watching those fish in the pond.. but really he should know that he’s a dog and not a fish… and can’t drink sea water.

Myself I enjoyed getting the sea air.. watching the dogs having fun.. even though I managed to get to the water’s edge a couple of times… it was a struggle what with the pebbles and that.

Then it was back to the car … doggies watered, with what they should drink and then a drive home… We didn’t hear anything from them on the way home.. and they slept the rest of Sunday, Sunday night and this morning.. but they are finally back to being full of life.

Yep and when we got home I ordered two 50ft training leads so that they can have more fun… and I was hoping that next weekend we could take them again…  but unfortunately Mr Weatherman has told me.. that I will need thermals, hat, coat and gloves as the temperatures are due to plummet and winter will be on the cards…Brrrrrr 😀


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