Oh the great British Weather…

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One thing I love doing, is visiting the seaside.. yep just like a child.. I can’t wait to get to the beach. Only this time I am not playing in the sand and throwing pebbles for the dogs to catch.. I am going back down to the coast to capture what I hope is another beautiful sunset, only this time the location is Folkestone.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Herne Bay where the above photograph was taken.. and what a glorious evening we had.  We had to wrap up warm and it was blowing a gale at times but it didn’t stop us doing what we wanted.

We drove round to the beach near Studd Hill, by the Hampton Pier and captured this photograph.

So the plan for this weekend is a trip to Folkestone and hopefully another beautiful sunset for us to capture..

But you guessed it.. the great British weather might not be coming out to play.  You see I have just looked at the BBC website.. and even though it is going to be dry there is cloud when the sunset is due to happen at 18.10 tomorrow evening.

Folkestone Weather

Rain or no rain, the great British weather won’t spoil my weekend.

But that is not going to deter me and the other half.. we will be there.. hopefully capturing some sort of dusk pictures if not a sunset.. perhaps shots of those boats in the harbour. But one thing I do know the great British weather is not going to pour on my weekend plans.

Sunday morning, rain or shine the doggies will get their training regime at the local park, with their new 50ft training leads firmly attached to them, and then back home for some lunch, before ending the perfect Sunday with my little man.. yes Nanny is going to spend some quality time with her precious little grandson…

So what are your plans.. have you got something exciting happening this weekend? Or are you just going to have a weekend with your feet up, watching telly with a glass of wine in your hand?

Whatever you are doing, I wish all my readers a wonderful weekend and I hope you get better weather than we’re forecasted here in the South East of England.


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