The Decapitation of Facebook

Yfacebook1es we are all on it.. aren’t we? Facebook. The social networking site where you can share videos, pictures, chat to your friends and now watch a beheading.. that is providing you condemn it.

Facebook has upset quite a few people.. including old DishFace, who turned to Twitter to show his condemnation at the decision made by Facebook.. Yes Disface wrote on his Twitter timeline.

Well I am getting worried because you see I agree with this Tweet of his.. but I don’t think he has taken as far as he could have done.

We can all remember Ken Bigley that fateful day in October when it was announced to the world that Ken Bigley had been beheaded.

At 13 years old your child is allowed to join Facebook.. You as a parent don’t have to sign an agreement form and you don’t have to know.. Your child could if they so wish, especially if they knew you didn’t approve of Facebook, could create an account and post merrily without your knowledge.

Do you want to have to face the prospects of how traumatised your child could become, especially if a graphic video like someone being beheaded pops up on their timeline?

One suicide prevention charity condemned Facebook and in an article by BBC News, they say:

“It only takes seconds of exposure to such graphic material to leave a permanent trace – particularly in a young person’s mind,” said Dr Arthur Cassidy, a former psychologist who runs a branch of the Yellow Ribbon Program in Northern Ireland.

“The more graphic and colourful the material is, the more psychologically destructive it becomes.”

Facebook are quoted as saying:

“Facebook has long been a place where people turn to share their experiences, particularly when they’re connected to controversial events on the ground, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism and other violent events,” said a spokeswoman.

“People are sharing this video on Facebook to condemn it. If the video were being celebrated, or the actions in it encouraged, our approach would be different.

“However, since some people object to graphic video of this nature, we are working to give people additional control over the content they see. This may include warning them in advance that the image they are about to see contains graphic content.”

What don’t Facebook understand about how kids minds work?  Kids will not just click away from the video.. they will watch it… they will convince themselves it can’t be that bad to see someone decapitated and that could have a traumatic impact on a child.  Just think of the kids that will call their mates ‘chickens’ because they don’t want to watch it.. yes kids could be bullied into watching something.  Kids can be cruel at times.

And if you think well when they are at home, they don’t have to watch it, what about the kids that have smartphones and apps to Facebook.. Yes they are going to be able to show this other kids.. even those who could be bullied into watching it.

Seriously if Facebook are prepared to allow videos like this…. then raise the age to join.. to 18 when kids are now classed as adults and they can make a more informed choice as to whether they want to watch something like a person being decapitated..

Or better still take the moral high ground and remove videos like this… The rules make a mockery of what is right and wrong..  basically anybody can post anything violent providing they say I dislike this and condemn it.  So terrorists who behead people, can now word their posts in such a manner that it looks like they condemn such actions and the video will remain.. even more they could just have a sock account and post it with a condemnation comment.

People can post up videos of women being beaten but if they dare post a picture of a woman’s fully exposed breast they are going to remove that picture.. FFS Facebook get your act together.

Well Mark Zuckerberg and shareholders, do you have any children?  Do you have young nieces or nephews or friends that have kids aged 13+?  Would you approve of me taking them to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Exorcist?  Because if didn’t you are being a bloody hypocrite because I could say to you I am going to show them the Exorcist and Chainsaw Massacre because I condemn films like that.

Personally I am considering closing my Facebook account.. any social network that loses it moral compass and thinks only of its profits.. is not a place I think I want to post on.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. JoanneBest says:

    Don’t dare say anything against the current administration in the USA because they will remove your post….but beheading seems to be fine. I’m in the process of removing all my photos and closing my facebook account, I’ve had enough of their bulls**t! Great post btw 🙂


    1. Bren says:

      Probably… I just can’t understand at times where these people get their logic from. But there again, I suppose now Facebook has shareholders, profits and bonuses are far more important than content.


  2. Bren says:

    Well according to Sky News Facebook are now backtracking. The company has issued this statement:

    The company has now issued a new statement, clarifying its policy.

    It said: “People turn to Facebook to share their experiences and to raise awareness about issues important to them.

    “Sometimes, those experiences and issues involve graphic content that is of public interest or concern, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism, and other violence.

    “When people share this type of graphic content, it is often to condemn it. If it is being shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence, Facebook removes it.

    “As part of our effort to combat the glorification of violence on Facebook, we are strengthening the enforcement of our policies.

    “First, when we review content that is reported to us, we will take a more holistic look at the context surrounding a violent image or video, and will remove content that celebrates violence.

    “Second, we will consider whether the person posting the content is sharing it responsibly, such as accompanying the video or image with a warning and sharing it with an age-appropriate audience.

    “Based on these enhanced standards, we have re-examined recent reports of graphic content and have concluded that this content improperly and irresponsibly glorifies violence. For this reason, we have removed it.

    “Going forward, we ask that people who share graphic content for the purpose of condemning it do so in a responsible manner, carefully selecting their audience and warning them about the nature of the content so they can make an informed choice about it.”


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