Land of bedroom taxes and poverty…

Prince George godparents
Well did you tune in? Did you watch the godparents take their vows to our future King?  As much as I was pleased that Kate delivered a healthy son and how babies make you go all soft inside.. somehow it has got me questioning the role of the Monarchy.

Yep we know that the Queen, bless her soul, is getting on a bit and the Duke is not in that gooder health… but seriously I am beginning to wonder whether it is time for our Queen to hand over the reins to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Mind you, he seems to provoke a bit of controversy now and again.. but at least he is game for a laugh..

Now I don’t mind the Royal family, but what I do object to is the bloody hangers-on.. Cousins, nieces, nephews, who sit there and take the money and do sod all, except live the life of riley.

There has been talk on many occasions about disbanding the Monarchy and having a duly elected President.. but come on folks, just imagine having Dishface as your President.. he would be in your face morning, noon and night.  At least this way, what with his multiple summer holidays we only have to tolerate him a little on our screens and on Wednesdays PMQ’s we do have the option of switching over. which I always do… Can you imagine his smug face as President?  No… not going there.. don’t want to go there.. and I am voting to keep the Queen.

Come to think of it, perhaps, the Queen should retire, Charlie should take over, make a fool of himself and then we might have an excuse to banish the lot of them to a cottage in Scotland.

But seriously, if we did go for an elected head of State.. like the USA have a President.. what anthem would we use..  God save our King/Queen, would only be heard on the new compilation album that will be released in 2100.. we can’t have that as our anthem..

Rule Britannia .. slight problem with that one.. due to the defence cut backs we don’t rule the waves.. simply because we don’t have a friggin battleship, that solely belongs to us.

Land of Hope and Glory.. could be.. but they would have to change the word’s slightly.. to Land of Bedroom Taxes and Poverty.

So answers on a postcard.. what could we have as our national anthem should we ever banish our Monarchy to some far of Island in Scotland or Balmoral (if they could afford it) and elect a president?

I propose good Old Vera Lynn

Well that is providing our new elected President tells Brussels what to do with their red tape…. and exactly where the EU can shove it.

Anyway.. Prince George as you are probably crying at the water being splashed on your forehead.. don’t worry your little head about ruling this land.. the way this world is going there might not be even be a country to run.. yet alone a commonwealth.


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  1. John Bull says:

    My suggestion for an anthem would be this piece by Flanders and Swann.

    As for the idea of banishing the Monarchy to Scotland as soon as Devolution lets the Scots have their own rule please could it not be to Balmoral (that’s far too close) but to the Castle of Mey instead.


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